API Engineer - Technology Development Group

Santa Clara Valley (Cupertino), California, United States
Machine Learning and AI


Weekly Hours: 40
Role Number:200149992
Do you have experience with how Apple defines and exposes services to be used in Swift, and Xcode? If so, we have a very exciting opportunity in the Technology Development Group. We’re creating a set of advanced Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning services that we intend to offer to software engineers who develop on the Apple stack. Specifically, we want our new capabilities to be easy-to-access by software engineers who write code in Swift, and who want to create AR (Augmented Reality) applications with ARKit. We need our new services to work shoulder-to-shoulder with other Apple offerings such as the RealityKit Swift API and Reality Composer. We have the basic concepts and services quite well defined, but need a senior and experienced software engineer who really understands how Apple designs runtimes, APIs, tools, and services. Someone deeply familiar with Swift, Xcode, and even newer things like SwiftUI. This person will be critical as we move towards expressing, in an Apple-native manner, the AI and ML capabilities we’ve been developing. We’re looking for a driven and self-motivated software engineer to join us in this work. As a member of a small and fast-paced team, you’ll have the unique and rewarding opportunity to shape upcoming products that will delight and inspire millions of people every day. To succeed within this role, you should have shown experience in several of the following areas:

Key Qualifications

  • Strong knowledge and experience in the Apple developer ecosystem, including Swift and Xcode
  • Knowledge in RealityKit API, ARKit, and SwiftUI is a plus
  • Strong interest in machine learning, reinforcement learning, imitation learning, deep learning algorithms and general AI
  • Creativity and curiosity for solving highly complex problems
  • Excellent communication and collaboration skills


Learn about our AI and ML services, and how they’re expressed today. Help our team understand how Apple likes to expose such services to software engineers, to be accessed via Swift in Xcode. Design the abstraction over our services that will be used by software engineers, to bring advanced AI and ML into their applications.

Education & Experience

Masters or equivalent work experience with a focus on designing high-performance runtimes, APIs and abstractions over advanced services, to be used by software engineers

Additional Requirements