Operations Engineer - Video Engineering

San Diego, California, United States
Machine Learning and AI


Role Number:200158500
The Video Computer Vision org is a centralized applied research and engineering organization responsible for developing real-time on-device Computer Vision and Machine Perception technologies across Apple products. We balance research and product to deliver Apple quality, state-of-the-art experiences, innovating through the full stack, and partnering with HW, SW and ML teams to influence the sensor and silicon roadmap that brings our vision to life. Examples include FaceID, Animoji/Memoji, Scene Understanding, People Understanding and Positional Tracking (VIO/SLAM).

Key Qualifications

  • Deep understand with linux servers: configuration, automation and performance monitoring.
  • Knowledge to setup complex service solutions including: load balancers, caching nodes, reverse proxy, dns best practices, RDBMS, noSQL
  • System configuration to run modern Django based cloud services: Docker, Kubernetes, uwsgi, nginx
  • How to provide elastic and reliable web services, eliminate single point of failures (high availability), real time performance analysis, detailed and efficient monitoring
  • A fundamental understanding of networking (i.e., you possess sound understanding of the OSI model / VPC / NAT) and a special emphasis on security and threat models
  • Ability to write code Python or Golang. Bash scripting is a must
  • Good CI/CD practices, git hygiene, organized and complete documentation and believer in testable code.
  • You are a good system engineer, and able to navigate the *nix wonderland
  • Last but not least, you are battle-tested and have a few interesting production tales.
  • 5+ years managing Linux/Ubuntu systems
  • 4+ years of Hybrid Cloud (AWS or like platforms and datacenter)
  • 2+ years with configuration management tools such as Ansible or Puppet or Chef.


The Video Engineering team is working on exciting technologies for future Apple products, and we're looking for the right Operations Engineer to help us take our efforts to the next level. So what will you do as an Operations Engineer? In this role, you'll work on a highly dynamic team that designs and implements cutting-edge software for high throughput, low latency systems. These systems support computer vision, deep learning and machine learning efforts for both existing products as well as research and development. Our team is focused on real times computer vision features and challenges. Specifically, our past efforts directly supported both FaceID and Animoji ML teams as well as other products.

Education & Experience

BS or MS CS/CE/EE (or equivalent) in the area of computer science.

Additional Requirements