Apple Media Products - Platform Security Architect

Santa Clara Valley (Cupertino), California, United States
Software and Services


Role Number:200173219
The Apple Media Products Engineering team is one of the most exciting examples of Apple’s long-held passion for combining art and technology. These are the people who power the App Store, Apple TV, Apple Music, Apple Podcasts, and Apple Books. And they do it on a massive scale, meeting Apple’s high expectations with high performance to deliver a huge variety of entertainment in over 35 languages to more than 150 countries. These engineers build secure, end-to-end solutions. They develop the custom software used to process all the creative work, the tools that providers use to deliver that media, all the server-side systems, and the APIs for many Apple services. Thanks to Apple’s unique integration of hardware, software, and services, engineers here partner to get behind a single unified vision. That vision always includes a deep commitment to strengthening Apple’s privacy policy, one of Apple’s core values. Although services are a bigger part of Apple’s business than ever before, these teams remain small, nimble, and cross-functional, offering greater exposure to the array of opportunities here.

Key Qualifications

  • Experience designing security engineering solutions to seek platform-level security issues and concerns.
  • Understanding of common Identity and Access Management in a backend services/platform environment
  • The ability to reason about risk in a complex, multi-tier platform environment
  • Experience with cloud technologies and a “Cloud First” approach that is centered on modern design principles like infrastructure-as-code, immutable deployments, etc.
  • Experience working with business units to identify critical assets and define high risk activities around those assets.
  • Strong communication and documentation skills.


The Apple Media Product (AMP) portfolio of services is supported by a significant infrastructure footprint hosted across multiple discrete platforms. The platform security architect will be responsible for ensuring this underlying platform is well designed and well implemented with respect to security. This requires collaborating with platform engineers and platform SRE to identify and prevent/remediate security issues at all stages of the platform lifecycle. This role also requires close collaboration and interaction with external AMP stakeholder (e.g. Apple’s central information security team) to ensure there is alignment and buy-in for AMP’s platform security strategy. This is a phenomenal opportunity for someone with a strong security architecture background who is interested in working directly in a business unit to reduce business risk and improve product security.

Education & Experience

BS in Computer Science or equivalent experience and 5+ years of experience in a product security or security architecture role.

Additional Requirements