Swift Standard Library Engineer

Santa Clara Valley (Cupertino), California, United States
Software and Services


Role Number:200176445
Are you eager to learn, grow, and make an impact? Join the Swift Standard Library team and enjoy the rare opportunity to work at the intersection of: • Computer science theory and engineering • Programming language and library design • The Apple SDK and the open-source community • A variety of domains: apps, servers, scripting, AI, AR, and more The future is being defined *right now*, and the Swift Standard Library team is at the center of it. The work we do for the next few years will shape the developer experience on Apple's platforms and beyond for decades to come.

Key Qualifications

  • If you have any three of these qualities, you're a great fit for our team!
  • Familiarity with the Swift Standard Library and its design patterns
  • The ability to explain complex ideas and designs clearly
  • Experience with (or interest in) programming library design
  • Strong interpersonal skills, including the ability to work with an open-source community
  • Exposure to (or interest in) a variety of programming languages
  • High standards for quality and attention to detail
  • The desire to learn and grow, keeping pace with cutting edge technologies


The Swift Standard Library team is responsible for much of the user-facing experience of the Swift programming language, from basic types and data structures like Int and Dictionary, to algorithms like sorting and substring matching. The team also develops a growing roster of open-source packages including Swift Algorithms, Swift ArgumentParser, Swift Atomics, Swift Numerics, and Swift System. You will join a small team of thoughtful, versatile engineers in meeting the challenge of designing expressive high-level APIs with carefully tuned low-level implementations. You'll work mostly in the open as an active contributor to the swift.org open-source project, collaborating with the Swift compiler team, engineers from across every part of Apple, and the Swift open-source community. In your engineering role you will: • Design and implement new library functionality in consultation and collaboration with software teams throughout Apple and Swift users around the world • Tune performance, refine implementations, and investigate and fix problems as they appear in anything from iOS apps to server-side applications • Write tests, benchmarks, and documentation to improve the state of the Swift Standard Library codebase • Research and explore improvements to Swift itself, working alongside the Swift compiler team to help the language evolve in tandem with its libraries. Our team strives to build a diverse, inclusive team and healthy, balanced work environment. We believe that every engineer brings unique skills and perspective. Far more than any specific experience or skill, we are looking for engineers who want to enable others to build great software, while learning and developing their skills.

Education & Experience

Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or equivalent experience. We’re looking to hire at all experience levels!

Additional Requirements

  • Experience with any of the following is a plus, but not required:
  • • Familiarity with Cocoa and Objective-C
  • • Familiarity with LLVM or Clang
  • • Previous work on an open-source project
  • • Community management experience
  • • Technical writing experience