Software Engineer, Cloud File Providers

Austin, Texas, United States
Software and Services


Weekly Hours: 40
Role Number:200182190
The Cloud File Providers team in the Storage Systems group is the engineering team behind the integration of collaboration services like Apple’s own iCloud Drive into our platforms iOS, iPadOS and macOS. We operate a very vertical software stack to provide a level of integration into the operating system, and a user experience that is only possible through the use of our APIs. We are looking for Software Engineers to work with key developers to adopt our APIs. The engineer will work closely with the core sync teams of renowned software companies in the collaboration space. She or he will guide that team through adoption of the API, improve sample code and documentation, track bugs found along the way and help diagnose them, build and improve the tooling to assist with these investigations, provide fixes when appropriate or work with our teams or theirs to route the bug to the right engineer. She or he will keep track of gaps or enhancements requests identified in the current API surface and help the engineering managers understand priorities and constraints. She or he will be the point of contact between the two teams, and have a direct impact on our collective success. In addition to these developer-facing responsibilities, he or she will contribute feature development and bug investigation and fixes.

Key Qualifications

  • Extended programming experience in Swift or Objective-C, and knowledge of C
  • Experience with Python or an equivalent scripting language
  • Solid operating systems fundamentals, understanding of process lifecycle and memory management
  • Capacity to produce clear and well documented sample code with educational value
  • Capacity to track a large number of tasks, work with different stakeholders to understand priorities, and report on progress
  • Experience with defining and refining process to bring complex projects to completion


Our frameworks, daemons, and support in the filesystem are responsible for core aspects of file sync, ranging from data integrity upon file updates to the faultless delivery of local and remote events. We are on the verge of new foundational work for file sync with repercussions for years to come, major steps forward for user experience and privacy, scalability and performance. The software engineer has a unique opportunity to represent Apple in engineer-to-engineer conversations with key partners, and will get a unique insight into a complex software stack and the development practices of both Apple and our partners.

Education & Experience

Additional Requirements