Keynote Graphics Software Engineer

Santa Clara Valley (Cupertino), California, United States
Software and Services


Role Number:200184367
Do you dream about seeing your graphics expertise shown off on a huge screen in front of an audience? Do you want your work to be used to introduce the next innovative Apple product? Do you want the whole world—or even a small classroom—to say "ooh" when they see an animation you worked on? If so, come join the Keynote team! We're seeking an enthusiastic software engineer to help design, implement, and optimize new features and animations for our custom animation rendering engine. It's a great opportunity to learn from a large team at Apple, work in a huge codebase, and inspire millions of loyal customers.

Key Qualifications

  • Ability to visualize and implement high-level animation and graphical concepts
  • Demonstrated experience with Metal, OpenGL, or similar GPU API
  • Experience with shaders (GLSL, HLSL, Metal shading language, etc.)
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Adaptable, quick learner


Apple's iWork animation team is responsible for Keynote's custom animation engine, and the builds and transitions that it powers. We're looking for someone to help improve the power, ease of use, and visual "wow" factor for millions of users on macOS, iOS, and the web. The ideal candidate is passionate about creating high-quality, high-performance, and visually-engaging graphics and animations. Responsibilities include: - Adding new features to the Keynote animation engine - Profiling and optimizing performance of Keynote animations using state-of-the-art graphics techniques and research - Keeping up with the latest best practices in graphics research and development - Applying modern testing methodologies to a wide variety of animations and effects

Education & Experience

Degree in Computer Science or equivalent experience/skills

Additional Requirements

  • Nice-to-haves:
  • - Familiarity with computer graphics research (SIGGRAPH, GDC, etc.)
  • - Development experience with macOS or iOS (Xcode, Instruments, etc.)
  • - Experience with CoreGraphics and CoreAnimation
  • - Experience with SceneKit, Unity, Unreal, or other high-level 3D API
  • - Experience with low-level media APIs (AVFoundation, VideoToolbox, etc.)
  • - Experience with Motion, After Effects, or other animation editing tools
  • - Experience with scripting, unit testing, and automated testing
  • - Deep knowledge of GPU architectures
  • - Artistic or design background