Product Design Engineer - Electronics Thermal Management

Santa Clara Valley (Cupertino), California, United States


Role Number:200185554
We are seeking a product design engineer with specialist skills in electronics thermal management. The primary responsibility of this role will be to ensure that, from initial concept to design fruition, all thermal objectives are met or surpassed.

Key Qualifications

  • Deep technical and functional expertise in conduction, convection (passive and active), and radiation.
  • A thorough understanding of: heat sinks, heat pipes and vapor chambers, fans, blowers, and nontraditional air-movers, CAD tools, optimization techniques and reduced order modeling approaches.
  • Experience in thermal analysis and modeling of System on Chip (SoC), IC packages and mobile devices. Knowledge of semiconductor, package, PCB or mobile device design and thermal testing.
  • Experience building prototype hardware, ‘hands on’ testing and the use of instrumentation for measuring temperature, pressure and flow.
  • Ability to lead design decisions with engineering calculations, research, and experimentation.
  • Work concurrently in multifunctional team such as EE, PD, Silicon Engineering and Integration and effectively communicate across cross functional teams to achieve results.
  • Tool Familiarity: Ansys Icepak/Flotherm, StarCCM+ or similar full-featured CFD tool.


Experience with silicon/platform validation. Insight into the technical details of traditional and non-traditional thermal solutions, materials, manufacturing processes, and metrology methods. Tools: Labview, Matlab/Python

Education & Experience

Bachelor or Masters of engineering with significant industrial experience. PhD with focus on heat transfer/electronics thermal management, accompanied by industrial experience.

Additional Requirements