Apple Support Vendor Manager

Shanghai, Shanghai, China
Support and Service


Weekly Hours: 40
Role Number:200190227
An Apple Support Vendor Manager leads Outsourced Support Vendors to deliver on the Apple brand promise and promotes a relentless pursuit of exceptional customer service experiences. This role is responsible for timely day to day execution of business requirements, cascading information, and setting the strategic direction of their Vendor/Partner in alignment with Apple Support business priorities and Credo. Vendor Managers monitor and steer performance, develop, and tenaciously influence the achievement of Apple Support objectives in an efficient and procedurally compliant manner. Vendor Managers balance the best interest of Apple Support with a mutually beneficial business outcome for the Vendor/Partner through business strategy, execution of tactical programs, innovative projects, and accountability. Tireless focus on exceptional customer service, operational execution and accountability for achieving goals, and the cultivation of a trusting business relationship are the cornerstones of effective Vendor Management.

Key Qualifications

  • Extensive contact centre experience of six years or more; COPC Coordinator Certification desirable.
  • Understanding of COPC concepts; experience in supporting global customers in a multi-lingual environment.
  • Experience in the management of outsourced suppliers delivering customer-facing technical support for at least three years - either on the customer or partner side.
  • Familiarity with the quality and consistency of OEM technical support, with a proven understanding of the interdependencies of those dimensions.
  • Experience working as part of a virtual team that is geographically dispersed.
  • Proven ability to collaborate with regional partners.


LEADERSHIP EXPECTATIONS - Facilitate and encourage creativity that enables and empowers Vendor to create strategic plans and operational execution to successfully accomplish Apple Support business goals and meet or exceed documented key performance indicators. - Cultivate relationships and guidelines that prepare Vendor/Partners to manage their business and support their organizations to be successful in achieving current and future Apple Support goals. Communicate in a concise, clear and consistent manner. Represent their business to senior leaders. Partner well and share overarching vision and goals with other Apple Support Vendor/Partner support groups. - Champion motivating environments that support development, and be a catalyst for innovation within Vendor organizations. - Own the direction of their Supplier(s) and counsel on plans/strategies to drive performance. Hold sites and suppliers accountable for all key defined Apple Support business priorities. Unrelenting emphasis on employee engagement that lives up to Apple culture and embodies the Apple Support Credo. - Evolve performance through expert utilization of business levers such as analytics, reporting, workforce management, talent management, quality, industry expertise. -Ability to manage and collaborate with resources (people, time, support sources) to avoid pitfalls and get things done; can orchestrate multiple activities and creatively overcome obstacles to accomplish a goal. OPERATIONAL EXPECTATIONS - Establish and conduct a regular cadence of performance review with Vendors (Weekly, Monthly and Quarterly) to ensure results are in line with business priorities and expectations. Conduct regular one to one with all key stakeholders throughout the suppliers organization to ensure clear understanding of development, planning, expectations, and goals. - Engage various supporting functions such as Business Analysis and Reporting, Quality Program Managers, and Training Program Managers, and Vendor Alliance Managers, to understand Vendor performance and proactively identify successes and opportunities. Connect with compassion and ensure suppliers are supported and aware of performance goals and contractual obligations. -Prepare and present performance updates to VM staff and Apple Support Leadership at all internal business review meetings. -Attend all meetings that are critical to understanding and executing the role at a high performance benchmark. -Ensure that Site Directors and Senior Operations Managers are analyzing their business to quickly identify trends and determine critical focus areas; evaluate their strategy so that it effectively drives performance improvement and executes on a plan consistent with Apple values. -Regularly evaluate the performance of Vendors and sites which culminates to a high quality annual performance review. Counsel suppliers on preparation and presentation of Annual Business Review. Deliver on all other commitments as it relates to projects, people or agreed deliverables. -Identify, own and foster relationships within the broader Apple Support organization with particular focus on upstream escalation groups including Customer Relations, Engineering, Forecasting, Scheduling and Capacity planning groups, Quality groups and Apple Support Field Service Managers for the countries your partners support. -Coordinate with Support Programs teams to ensure the efficient roll out of new initiatives, driving ongoing improvement of Advisors tools, resources, processes, and procedures.

Education & Experience

Bachelors degree or equivalent experience

Additional Requirements

  • As an equal opportunity employer, Apple values diversity. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, colour, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status, or disability.
  • Privacy is a fundamental human right. At Apple, it’s also one of our core values. What our customers share, and who they share it with, should be up to them. A Vendor Manager promotes and inspects adherence to the standards Apple demands of our suppliers, and works collaboratively with groups within Apple to hold suppliers accountable.
  • Our Advisors speak to thousands of customers every day; it is part of the Vendor Management role to promote feedback to Apple from suppliers, highlighting opportunities for improving the customer experience to constantly make Apple better.