Software Build Engineer

San Diego, California, United States
Software and Services


Weekly Hours: 40
Role Number:200199017
The Software Build & Integration team at Apple is at the core of the Apple software development process. We are responsible for delivering the state-of-the-art operating systems and applications to Apple customers. The role empowers build engineers to influence new feature integration into Apple software, by collaborating with engineers from Software, Hardware, Localization, QA, and Project Management teams. Software Build Engineers will have the opportunity to utilize and implement solutions using distributed computing, cloud services, and virtualization technologies to deliver Apple software to customers. This involves engineering innovative solutions for Apple's production build system in support of macOS, iOS, watchOS, tvOS, Xcode, and more!

Key Qualifications

  • macOS, iOS, or UNIX development experience
  • UNIX administration and strong software debugging skills
  • Knowledge of operating system, network, and compiler concepts


* Demonstrate willingness to ask for clarification and context to understand the big picture * Find multiple solutions to a problem, evaluate tradeoffs, and decide the best approach * Have strong coding ability and testing mindset, e.g. CI/CD, high code coverage, chaos engineering * Understand, retain, and perform complex procedures * Be proficient with git or other version control * Develop strong UNIX debugging skills * Communicate status frequently to product teams and engineering program managers * Document new processes or update an existing wiki pages

Education & Experience

Additional Requirements

  • Optional Experience
  • Willingness to learn and master these areas:
  • * Programming in Python, JavaScript, Objective-C, or Swift
  • * Familiarity with version control systems such as git or subversion
  • * Proficiency with advanced text editors (Sublime, vim, emacs)
  • * Authoring complex regular expressions
  • * Experience with Xcode and/or Makefiles
  • * Web systems development or web application development experience
  • * Comfortable reading backtraces and stack traces