Camera Firmware Engineer

San Diego, California, United States


Role Number:200199209
Apple's Camera Firmware team is looking for an extraordinary firmware engineer to drive state of the art technologies for Apple products. As part of the team you would work on core camera/ISP/Machine learning technologies, including Apple crafted Image signal processing pipeline and HW components, where you will have the chance to define the way that Apple develops, tests and manufactures all of its products. Our close-knit team fosters an environment of product innovation, rapid product iteration and collaboration at both team and multi-functional levels with a liberating amount of autonomy.

Key Qualifications

  • A real passion for embedded software development
  • Proficiency in C/C++
  • Proficiency in development of multi-thread software within embedded RTOS system
  • Familiarity with camera pipeline and HW components


In this role you will implement, maintain and pursue problems in our firmware including: 1. Develop low level device drivers for sophisticated image processing pipeline in embedded systems for the latest SoC blocks, chipsets in Apple. 2. Work with algorithm team to design and develop algorithms to control CMOS image sensors, ISP pipeline and machine learning pipeline. 3. Design and implement camera features in embedded systems for Apple products. You will work with other teams to define features and communication protocols and detail the requirements clearly with implementation specifications. 4. Optimize image processing algorithms to improve system performance. 5. Work on HW validation and provide firmware support to factory testing. You will also implement features to support hardware testing and diagnosis. This is a highly multi-functional product development role and you will work closely with various teams, like Silicon Design/QA team and the Machine Learning algorithm team. The environment is dynamic, fast-paced and requires a self-starter demeanor.

Education & Experience

BS/MS in Computer Science or Electrical Engineering

Additional Requirements