HID Algorithm Engineer - Data Focus

Santa Clara Valley (Cupertino), California, United States


Role Number:200202443
Join the engineering team that turns sensor signals into next-generation human interfaces for AirPods, iPhone, iPad, Macs, and exciting new products. You will be part of a strong team with a wide range of backgrounds, including signal and image processing, statistics, machine learning, human factors, and firmware development. This is a role where you will design, develop and support high quality, scalable data processing platforms that enable quick algorithm development for Apple products.

Key Qualifications

  • Expertise in Python programming (functional and object-oriented)
  • Strong foundation in statistical analysis
  • Able to develop optimized pipelines for data acquisition, pruning and preprocessing; insightful data and performance visualizations and iterating over algorithm variants
  • Some exposure to developing infrastructure for large-scale data processing and annotation.


We are looking for an engineer who can develop efficient pipelines for data processing and annotation. You will work closely with human factors and algorithm engineers to mine critical data, implement algorithm evaluation pipelines, visualize data and optimize algorithm tuning workflows. HID operates at the intersection of hardware, software, and design. That means the problems you take on will have many interesting facets, the work and challenges are dynamic, and you will get to know and collaborate with skilled, diverse people all across the company.

Education & Experience

Masters in Computer Science, Mathematics, Engineering or Statistics

Additional Requirements

  • Some experience with (or the ability to quickly ramp up on) MATLAB
  • Some familiarity with filtering techniques, noise modeling and signal processing
  • Some understanding of probability, estimation theory and Monte Carlo techniques
  • Interest in optimizing data processing workflows through cloud-based storage and analysis