ISE, SIML - Vision Framework API Engineer

Santa Clara Valley (Cupertino), California, United States
Machine Learning and AI


Weekly Hours: 40
Role Number:200202681
Are you passionate about Computer Vision technology and the apps developers build with it? Do you find happiness in crafting well-designed APIs that developers love? Are you a skilled Swift programmer who enjoys building your own apps, who also has fun quickly prototyping how new technologies can be used? If so, there is a role on the Vision.framework team that may be perfect for you. We are the System Intelligent and Machine Learning (SIML) group that provides foundational computer vision and machine learning technologies to Apple's ecosystem. Our team combines research and development in a dynamic and exciting environment and delivers robust solutions that are implemented across all of Apple products. As part of the SIML group, the Vision.framework team works throughout Apple as a focal point for computer vision technology development. Technology developed throughout the company is curated by the Vision.framework both for internal consumption in major software components like Photos and Camera, and for developers publishing apps in the App Store.

Key Qualifications

  • Proven success in app development using Swift
  • Strong knowledge of Swift and Objective-C
  • High degree of comfort with Apple development paradigms and familiarity with Apple SDK frameworks
  • Experience with using computer vision technologies at the application level, and how to manage user experiences that may be impacted by inherent algorithm accuracy and robustness issues
  • Good interpersonal skills and demonstrated success in projects involving multiple teams
  • Committed to software quality and the value of great software testing


In this role as the successful candidate, you will ensure the Vision.framework Swift API is extraordinary. You will make large contributions to how the Swift API is designed. As part of this, you will also be responsible for “dog-fooding” the API you design, by crafting prototype apps that show how Vision can be adopted for feature development on major software efforts. You will creatively show how new technology integrated into the Vision.framework can enable great experiences in Swift. You will also be responsible for ensuring our Swift API is well-tested and stable. The role requires someone who has significant experience crafting and implementing apps using Swift. As the ideal candidate, you bring needed understanding of how API design can make or break adoption, which is important for making our SDK great! You should be able to work with other teams contributing Swift API to our SDKs in order to ensure a consistent and harmonious developer experience. You enjoy variety, and are passionate about working on new things on a frequent basis. You care deeply about software quality, which includes doing things the right way and not the quick way, as well as ensuring software is thoroughly tested on an ongoing basis.

Education & Experience

Ability to provide publicly-available samples of work done, or have participated in code competitions/hackathons, is a plus

Additional Requirements

  • Ability to provide publicly-available samples of work done, or have participated in code competitions/hackathons, is a plus