Santa Clara Valley (Cupertino), California, United States


Weekly Hours: 40
Role Number:200205498
Apple is looking for candidates with a strong passion and aptitude for physical archiving to join the Industrial Design group's archive team.

Key Qualifications

  • Emphasis on product identification systems (model numbers, part numbers, etc.)
  • Thorough knowledge of the history and evolution of Apple’s culture and products
  • Ability to assess archiving and support needs and develop effective solutions from the ground up
  • Ability to juggle multiple projects simultaneously over long periods of time, prioritize and re-prioritize projects in response to changing needs of the Studio
  • Ability to research background information when not provided, for archived materials
  • Knowledge of Excel/Numbers, Illustrator, Photos, and FileMaker


Responsibilities include: Assist Lead Archivist with all aspects of Archive operation Design physical archive systems including space requirements analysis, space layout, and storage hardware Manage Archive space including facilities services, security issues, periodic review and purge of content, inspections and risk management (fire, earthquake, etc.) Design archiving processes including scope of materials + quantities to be archived, receiving and retrieval procedures, categorization systems, standardized descriptive terminology and specialized systems for non-traditional media Archive materials from multiple functional organizations, including product development materials, shipping product, historical reference materials, awards, library materials, third party products and digital assets. Monitor Apple product launches, order released product samples, archive into database, maintain inventory and backfill as needed, search out and obtain historical products not in Archive Convert physical media to digital format as needed working with both internal staff and third party vendors, including photography, print, video, artwork (art, drawings, sketches) Guide the web design and database team with functional specifications, interface design, testing and bug reporting Provide training to new and existing staff on archiving database, archive operation & processes; conduct periodic staff tours of Archives Provide support to Design Studio admin staff on design competitions, operational equipment & supplies, material transport, use of Archive vehicle

Education & Experience

Additional Requirements