Senior Security Engineer - POS

Santa Clara Valley (Cupertino), California, United States
Software and Services


Weekly Hours: 40
Role Number:200227560
Apple Retail Stores are a key driver to Apple’s success. We, the Point of Sale (POS) Engineering team, enable the flawless retail experiences our customers enjoy when visiting our stores. We are responsible for the technology and IT systems used to enable Apple Retail Stores to service millions of customers enabling Apple Retail to become one of the best retailers in the world. We bring passion and dedication to your job and there's no telling what you could accomplish! Do you enjoy solving complex problems with process and technology? Do you thrive in environments that require multi-functional thinking, collaboration, and innovation? If so, this may be the Role for you The POS Security team is a responsible custodian of our customers’ data, whether PII or PCI. In addition, POS Security provides an internal center-of-competency for our POS Engineering teams, providing security, privacy, and cryptographic expertise.

Key Qualifications

  • A minimum of 5 years experience in server software programming using Java.
  • Experience with/understanding of OWASP Top 10, application and infrastructure hardening, secure defaults and secure SDLC.
  • Experience with Threat Modeling, security design reviews and DevSecOps.
  • Working knowledge of Static Application Security Testing tools like SonarQube, Gosec etc and Dynamic Application Security Testing tools like OWASP ZAP.
  • Familiarity with topics such as: ASN.1, x509, PKI, TLS, symmetric/asymmetric encryption, digital signatures, message digests, etc.
  • Experience with/understanding of practical cryptography usage with knowledge of benefits and drawbacks.
  • Experience with securing infrastructure and applications in cloud.
  • Strong computer science fundamentals and thoroughness in Data Structures & Algorithms.
  • Good understanding of Microservices and cloud technologies.
  • Experienced in crafting & developing highly scalable applications, RESTful web services.
  • Working knowledge of relational and non-relational databases.
  • Expertise in test-driven development.
  • Proven track record of successful product delivery.
  • Outstanding analytical and investigative solving skills across large ecosystems.
  • Demonstrated ability to think criticality and quickly learn new technologies.
  • Strong communication, collaboration & interpersonal skills.
  • Familiarity with Machine Learning concepts.


Imagine the freedom of a startup with the funding and laser focus of the most valuable company in the world. As a member for the Point-of-Sale Security team: You will participate in initiatives that are essential to the success of upcoming product launches You will develop the next generation of cloud support that powers Apple Retail systems You will be responsible for crafting and developing large-scale platforms that can support high product demand at Apple scale You will have the opportunity to explore and utilize a wide range of technologies You will be pioneering the shift security left and continuous security education initiatives You will be the security SME for one of the most profitable retail stores in the world. We're looking for a hardworking and passionate person to join this amazing team, if you feel this is you, we'd love to hear from you.

Education & Experience

BS or MS in Computer Science/Engineering OR a related field.

Additional Requirements