Watch EE - EM Modeling & Simulation for System Coexistence

Santa Clara Valley (Cupertino), California, United States


Weekly Hours: 40
Role Number:200239989
The Watch System EE Validation team is looking for a motivated engineer who is a hands-on problem solver, taking measurements, running simulations, and applying theory to solve system coexistence problems caused by RF. Are you a detailed and analytical thinker, desiring to bring data-driven decision-making to improve our products, and enjoys acquiring and applying knowledge? If so, then this is an opportunity for you join our team. Want to apply 3D electromagnetic modeling and simulation to unveil the 'hidden schematic' of system coexistence? What are the various ways a RF couples and affects a sensitive subsystem? Discover ways to gain insight into complex issues impacting product design and architecture to deliver a world-class user experience for Apple Watch and its millions of users.

Key Qualifications

  • We are a team of collaborator with excellent interpersonal communication and documentation skills who thrives in a cross-functional environment
  • Possess excellent antenna, electromagnetics, and electrical engineering fundamentals
  • Experienced with simulation software such as CST and HFSS, or equivalent!
  • Familiar with RF test equipment


-> You will spend your time working cross-functionally to learn about antennas and sensor modules, gain insights into coexistence mechanisms, and collaborate on root-cause and driving solutions. The effort includes data collection, data processing, RF/OTA measurements, and simulation activities. -> Create correlated 3D electromagnetic simulation models of Apple Watch and subsystems Setup and perform RF conducted and radiated validation/correlation measurements on prototype hardware -> Be an integral part of the FA process for RF coexistence, driving proper measurement methodologies, and proposing experiments -> Explore impact of antenna design on subsystems, propose and run simulations to identify where and how RF energy is coupled -> Apply insights to influence design decisions for SIP, flex, sensor modules, and other subsystems -> Explore various sensor modules, their physics of operation, and susceptibility to RF -> Light-duty scripting and automation to collect and analyze data from prototype hardware -> Data analysis of system coex data, antenna data, and other applicable data for modeling and FA

Education & Experience

A BS or MS degree in Electrical Engineering or similar degree focus, preferably with a focus in antennas

Additional Requirements