Biomechatronics Hardware Engineer

Santa Clara Valley (Cupertino), California, United States


Weekly Hours: 40
Role Number:200245289
We want your help creating prototype hardware systems needed to study the customer experience for future Apple products! This role requires excellent design and fabrication skills, a deep attention to detail, and frequent written and verbal communication with a diverse group of multi-functional partners. You should be able to guide brainstorm sessions and quickly incorporate feedback to create electromechanical prototypes and testing apparatus. Your hardware must perform reliably in user studies and executive demos. A proven foundation of mechanical engineering first principles is critical with deep experience in mechatronics design, sensor integration, and data acquisition. Previous experience in design/construction/testing of apparel, wearables, exoskeletons and robotic systems is very helpful but not required. Success in this role will require creativity, confidence, organization, and energy tempered by a sincere willingness to listen, learn, and understand what is needed from your designs. It will also require the ability to accurately estimate the time required to execute your designs.

Key Qualifications

  • A shown history bringing new ideas to life via the use of first principles analysis, CAD tools, and a combination of machining, additive manufacturing and softgoods prototyping processes. Sketching and free body diagrams will be important communication tools, and judicious use of GD&T and tolerance analysis will be expected.
  • - designing and fabricating complex mechatronic systems (including microcontrollers, wired and wireless sensors networks, actuators, etc.)
  • - using basic machine shop equipment, hand tools, and soldering equipment to build and modify hardware prototypes.
  • - designing and assembling measurement systems including: specifying components, configuring custom and off-the-shelf data acquisition systems, understanding sources of measurement error, and implementing methods to mitigate measurement error.
  • - gathering and analyzing data with proficiency in Matlab, Python, Labview, Arduino, JMP or similar
  • - experience with physiological measurement systems (EEG, EMG, PPG, GSR, T/C, etc.) in a product design context
  • - detailed knowledge of the human musculoskeletal system and the use of anthropometric data to guide your designs
  • - understanding of human sensory perception and experience demonstrating this to analyze and/or augment those systems
  • - ability to create GUIs and on-screen data visualizations


Apply a mix of technical and creative problem-solving skills to quickly design and build instrumented electromechanical prototypes. Support manual and automated data collection and analysis needs during research studies. Maintain subject area, safety, communication, and organization in a fast-paced lab environment.

Education & Experience

Minimum: BS in Mechanical Engineering or a similar technical discipline, with 3-5 years of experience working in the field of Mechatronics, Biomechatronics, Biomechanics, Biomedical or similar. Advanced degrees are valued but 3-5 years of applicable hands-on experience is still required.

Additional Requirements