Security Researcher - Kernel & System

Santa Clara Valley (Cupertino), California, United States
Software and Services


Role Number:200247309
Help Apple secure the world’s most advanced consumer devices which people trust to store their personal and professional data. We believe that the best defense is good offense, so that means finding and fixing security vulnerabilities before they can be used to attack our users. Embedded within the Security Engineering and Architecture organization, Red Team are looking for talented and inspired individuals who will focus on vulnerability research and defeating, designing and implementing security mechanisms throughout our existing and future products. We design and secure platforms for billions of users. We make products that people LOVE. We are committed to user privacy and security. We have some of the most creative, passionate, hardworking engineers in the industry. We challenge each other to go beyond the norm to find new, innovative ways of solving problems and to make software safer, easier, and more fun to use. Not many jobs can offer all of these things. Security engineering jobs at Apple do, and much more.

Key Qualifications

  • Ability to find security vulnerabilities through static and dynamic analysis.
  • Experience of software exploitation.
  • Programming background in C, C++.
  • Proficiency in OS internals and modern mitigation techniques
  • Familiarity with assembly and ARM instruction set.


Security Engineering and Architecture’s Red Team is at the forefront of attacking our own products during at all stages of their lifecycle. Our team works to find vulnerabilities from the lowest levels of software throughout the OS stack, and invests time developing proof of concept exploits for those issues to evaluate new security mechanisms and stay one step ahead. Working with software and hardware engineering teams throughout the company, we are involved at all stages of designing and implementing both software mitigations and hardware mechanisms that we can build world-class defenses upon. As a Red Team engineer you’ll be hands-on auditing and writing code (kernel-level, runtimes, system services/components), developing exploits to defeat existing mitigations and evangelizing security technologies throughout Apple’s engineering organizations

Education & Experience

Additional Requirements

  • Preferred:
  • - Good understanding of the principles and use of cryptographic primitives and protocols.
  • - Experience of Objective-C/Swift.
  • - Reverse engineering.