MSI Full Stack Software Engineer- AI/ML & Big Data

Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
Software and Services


Weekly Hours: 40
Role Number:200250395
At Apple, we turn exceptional ideas into inspirational reality. Are you interested in playing a leading role re-defining what is possible for Apple's global product supply chain? We are seeking a passionate Software/Data Engineer to lead and take on product management responsibilities as part of this unique team! Manufacturing Systems and Infrastructure (MSI) is a crucial link in converting ideas into products that our users hold in their hands, place in their ears, and use to keep in touch with the ones they love. We are an organization that thrives on collaborative partnerships. The tools we build enable other teams to do the easy effortlessly and the impossible with a bit of planning. If you are passionate about technical solutions involving hardware, software and ML (IoT, Industry 4.0, etc.), we'd love to hear from you.

Key Qualifications

  • 7+ years in a core contributor software role
  • Experience with system software engineering, data or ML Operations or similar and with taking a product through a full life cycle: from inception, to launch, to customer management
  • The ideal candidate will have deep cross domain experience. You will shape systems that span some of the most technically challenging domains in software today. Our systems intersect the areas of:
  • Big Data
  • Hardware
  • Operations Research
  • Analytics & Data Warehousing
  • User Experience
  • Advanced Manufacturing
  • Supply-chain and Logistics management
  • Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence
  • Cloud computing and automated infrastructure
  • 5+ years hands on software engineering experience/lead engineer or Sr. Software Engineer to a shipping software product
  • Exposure to multiple computing languages and paradigms; production functional programming a plus: Expertise in at least 1 of the following: Haskell, Elm, OCaml, F#, Reason, Erlang, Elixir, Distributed Systems, Clojure, Scala, Kotlin, Idris, Modern Java, Modern C++ (14/17/20), Ruby, Rust (a plus), Lisp, Python. Experience with data management and analytics platforms at scale
  • Strong bias for action, creative thinking, innovation. (Ideas without execution are just ideas.)
  • Active participation with multiple agile projects - (Successful or not. The questions is "what did you learn from the failure?")
  • Understanding of cloud infrastructure including application deployment or migration to the cloud
  • Experience working at a Data-Centric or supporting AI/ML Company/Startup a plus
  • Experience in distributed systems, distributed databases, cloud scale data systems
  • Familiarity with various data stores and retrieval paradigms: SQL, RDBMS, Semi Structured, Graph Databases, Log data, Prolog, Datalog, OWL, Ontological search, Inverted Indices
  • Familiarity with data storage at scale: HDFS/HBASE & S3/Glacier/Redshift
  • Familiarity with infrastructure as code: Terraform, Cloud Formation, Ansible, Pulumi, Puppet, Chef, Docker
  • Understanding of modern monitoring, instrumentation and telemetry (OpenTelemetry a plus!)
  • Experience in applicative (not dogmatic) agile delivery


The MSI team partners closely with several business and engineering groups, anticipating the needs of our end customers often before they do. While Monday might start with helping an AI/ML engineer work through a data acquisition problem, Friday might require you to understand a complicated manufacturing process and enable a test team to optimize it. Quickly understanding complex problems and following up with credible solutions is essential for success in this fast-growing division. We are evolving our factory data infrastructure to encompass existing data collection technologies (Hadoop, parametric, attribute etc ) as well as new ones (image captures, RFID, IoT sensors, etc.). You will work to setup our next generation of infrastructure that provides large scale, batch compute resources to enable the data engineers and scientists execute machine learning and deep learning algorithms at scale. You will capture requirements from business users, develop scalable solutions, build tools, dashboards and large-scale databases used for Apple’s Operations organization. As a part of our team, you'll be responsible for building new features and driving critical improvements imagining a manufacturing software ecosystem and implementing a road map to get us there. Responsibilities: - Work with the team to build, conceive and implement solutions, features, applications, and systems for Manufacturing Operations. - Bring a vision and plan to early prototype stages of a project when not all features are working yet, you enjoy putting energy into identifying/classifying issues and finding creative solutions. - Understand the current business needs with an eye for the future. Identify high value items on the product roadmap and help us tackle today's problems while looking around the corners towards tomorrow's problems. - Maintain multiple agile backlogs for new and ongoing projects. - Able to work in a dynamic environment, with priority changes, tight deadlines and multiple constituencies.

Education & Experience

- Bachelor's degree in a technical field (e.g., Computer Science, Engineering, Physics, Applied Mathematics, Chemistry, Medicine) or equivalent relevant industry work experience - MBA or similar degree highly preferred

Additional Requirements