UI Performance & Infrastructure Engineer - Apple Online Store

Santa Clara Valley (Cupertino), California, United States
Software and Services


Weekly Hours: 40
Role Number:200282621
The Apple Online Store (AOS) is where tens of millions of customers buy iPhones, Macs, iPads and Watches every year. The AOS UI team is responsible for the foundation of every Apple customer’s shopping experience, building to meet the very highest standards of elegance, simplicity, and accessibility. We are looking for an engineer who has a strong foundation in core web technologies and who loves gathering data and presenting the case for striking out in new architectural directions. As a UI Performance & Infrastructure Engineer on the AOS team, you will improve the development experience for your fellow AOS engineers, streamline site performance for Apple customers, and help drive decisions about core technologies for the business.

Key Qualifications

  • JavaScript. You are an excellent nuts & bolts programmer who understands JavaScript’s strengths, its limitations, and the direction in which it is evolving.
  • HTML. You understand that HTML is a powerful technology, one that is not frozen in time. You have a solid grounding in using HTML correctly to support accessibility and to optimize asset loading on the page.
  • HTTP. You understand the the central role HTTP plays in website performance and security. You have working knowledge of newer HTTP standards and what those technologies actually bring to the table.
  • Web Performance. You have a strong mental model of how HTTP, HTML, CSS, and JS all work together in the browser to provide an optimal user experience. You have direct experience working with Web Vitals and browser devtools to solve performance issues.
  • Communications. You can work with a diverse array of people and skillsets. You love gathering data, building your case, and marshaling your team to work together. You are a superb writer. You understand that other people have different priorities and see things differently than you do. You are patient. You have integrity. You are willing to change your mind.
  • CSS (nice to have). You have experience working with advanced CSS features and can provide technological leadership around safely evolving large CSS code bases towards new technologies.
  • Large project experience. (nice to have) You have a track record of driving significant positive changes inside large mission-critical code bases, particularly e-commerce sites. You are excellent at refactoring code with care, minimizing bugs and regressions.
  • Statistics (nice to have). You have a background in statistical methods and working with large amounts of data, and ideally some experience using Apache Spark to run analytics.


E-commerce sites are notoriously complex to run, and thanks to the Apple Online Store’s unique design requirements, focus on privacy & security, and sheer scale, our site is no exception. The Performance and Infrastructure team is chartered to drive our long term technology strategy and to solve for challenges outside the scope of day-to-day business activities. All of our work lies at the intersection of people and technology. Some of the many things we’d like you to do: * Look ahead at emerging technologies and determine which ones we can use to solve real problems * Build tools and libraries, and provide general guidance for the larger AOS UI Engineering organization * Work with fellow engineers to identify pain points and help improve our internal developer experience * Gather data and build the case to take advantage of new browser features, drop support for older browsers, or otherwise change our technology stack * Solve key problems while working within the constraints of the existing stack * Optimize and simplify existing libraries, dropping features we don’t need any more and building new features that we didn’t even know we needed If you have a fresh pair of eyes and want to make a real difference on the key entry point for the entire Apple ecosystem, we’d love to talk to you.

Education & Experience

Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent industry experience.

Additional Requirements