ISE, SIML - Crypto Engineer, ML Crypto & Privacy

Santa Clara Valley (Cupertino), California, United States
Software and Services


Weekly Hours: 40
Role Number:200283184
We’re looking for an exceptional cryptography engineer to help us build and deploy systems for privacy preserving machine learning building on strong cryptographic protocols. In this role, you’ll work at the forefront of cryptography and machine learning using techniques like secure multi-party computation, private set intersection, and differential privacy. You will be responsible for securely implementing cryptographic protocols in security critical missions deployed to billion devices at scale. You will be responsible for integrating them into efficient client frameworks. These systems help us understand and improve Apple’s user experience, and are an important part of our strategic focus on privacy. This position requires a focused set of software engineering skills, with particular specialization on cryptographic protocol implementations. You should have experience implementing different types of cryptography, side channel mitigations, and be able to reason about security of protocols and their application and use in larger frameworks.

Key Qualifications

  • 5+ years practical background in software engineering implementing cryptography protocols in large scale systems
  • Proven track record delivering shipping software
  • Proven track record delivering production software
  • Deep fluency in Swift, and C/C++/Java.
  • Strong initiative and independence
  • Produce high quality code with excellent reliability and performance Explore novel architectural solutions and communicate ideas clearly
  • Collaborate in cross-functional teams to prototype new concepts and deliver end-to- end systems


In this role as the successful candidate, you will be implementing cryptographic protocols in security critical missions deployed to billion devices at scale. High quality code with excellent reliability and side-channel resistance is a must. You will make large contributions to making the technology perform well in the system. This will require making architectural tradeoffs, such as how various frameworks work together via programming interfaces to help balance memory, power and latency for the optimal user experience. You will also be responsible for ensuring the code you contribute to the OS is well-tested and stable. The role requires someone who has significant experience in implementing cryptographic protocols in real-world systems at scale. As the ideal candidate, you bring the needed depth not only at the implementation level but also demonstrate a high level of understanding of the security guarantees of the underlying system in the context of the larger vision for Apple. You are able to make the right tradeoffs, and can clearly communicate these tradeoffs to our partners. You should be comfortable working with other teams in a broadly collaborative and fast-paced environment. You care deeply about software quality, which includes doing things the right way and not the quick way, as well as ensuring software is thoroughly tested on an ongoing basis.

Education & Experience

B.S./M.S. in Computer Science

Additional Requirements

  • Objective-C experience is a plus
  • Solid mathematical knowledge; understanding of cryptography, machine learning or statistical
  • inference a plus