SoC Architect

Portland, Oregon, United States


Role Number:200291460
We’re a unique team of curious and diverse individuals who have come together from multiple backgrounds to figure out the next thing. The people who work here are generalists in nature, and together we complement each other. It is the passion of exploring unchartered territory that makes us thrive. Our team is seeking a highly motivated and experienced SoC Architect to lead and drive strategic technology and system roadmaps. The ideal candidate will lead all aspects of and analyze key architectural trade-offs in coordination with cross-functional domain experts.

Key Qualifications

  • Demonstrated expertise in SoC hardware architecture in the area of consumer electronics.
  • Must have outstanding SoC and system architecture fundamentals backed with substantial experience. This means a deep understanding of power and performance tradeoffs, transient and steady-state performance states, idle and dynamic power states, as well as how data and control flows interact.
  • Good understanding of electrical and thermal considerations at the chip, package and system levels.
  • Good understanding of hardware-software interfaces.
  • Excellent communication skills across organizations and at the executive level.
  • Excellent written skills for clear and concise reporting.
  • 10+ years experience in a lead architecture role.


This role involves interaction with many cross-functional and multi-disciplinary teams including hardware, software and system engineers. Being able to work through ambiguities and in a collaborative manner with all these teams is essential for being successful. Responsibilities: •Work with cross-functional teams on new systems and technologies. •Explore new approaches aligned with emerging technologies, competitive performance requirements, and critical system constraints. •Perform feasibility analysis including SoC area, performance and power estimates. •Guide an efficient system/hardware/software architecture to meet product requirements •Assess and guide system integration feasibility, feature and implementation trade-offs of new technologies •Review, challenge and influence cross-functional roadmaps, and set technology intercept targets for future SoCs. •Recognize and understand technology trends.

Education & Experience

BS/MS in electrical engineering or computer engineering

Additional Requirements