Video Quality Engineer

San Diego, California, United States


Role Number:200292929
We are the Video Engineering Image Quality (VEIQ) team responsible for video quality on iPhone, iPad, and Mac products! We are seeking a Camera Image Quality Engineer who has passion for cinematography and has the drive to ship amazing product that impacts millions of people. You will stress test in real world conditions and provide detailed image quality feedback to developers. You will do hands-on image quality testing work, collaborate with developers, and continuously track camera algorithm bugs and be to represent image quality from a user's perspective.

Key Qualifications

  • Knowledge of subjective/objective image quality evaluation
  • Knowledge of ISP pipeline and 3A evaluation
  • Strong video photography skills and have an excellent sense of cinematography
  • Strong testing logic, attention to detail, and a motivation to explore new technologies
  • Focus on details and possess strong problem solving and analytical skills
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills and ability to collaborate and work cross functionally
  • Hard worker who could get delivery done within short deadline


We are looking for a great teammate who is dedicated to understanding, building, and enabling cutting-edge camera features. You will contribute directly to a variety of video technologies and features. You will actively participate in quality evaluations for new features and algorithms, through experimental studies both in the lab and in the field and provide direct feedback to the engineering teams. You will analyze, reproduce, isolate video issues from both a lab and real-world testing environment. In this role, you'll be a critical part of a fast-paced, collaborative team and who thrive in a high energy, time-constrained, multitasking environment to significantly impact our video quality.

Education & Experience

Bachelors or Master’s degree in Image Science, Photographic & Motion-Picture/Video Sciences & Engineering, Visual Arts (Photo and Video), Color Science, or equivalent experience

Additional Requirements