Maps Evaluation Senior Big Data Platform Engineer

Santa Clara Valley (Cupertino), California, United States
Software and Services


Weekly Hours: 40
Role Number:200298522
The Apple Maps Metrics Engineering team needs great engineers to help us architect and build the next-generation Metrics pipeline in the Cloud. Our team develops and runs big data and computing platforms at a large scale to empower data engineers, statisticians, and data scientists to experiment with algorithms, to measure and improve the accuracy and quality of Apple Maps global datasets. Our responsibility covers the whole lifecycle of data, including storage platform, large-scale pipeline, data query, data quality, data recency, security and privacy. The Metrics pipeline is the central hub of the decision-making process through the support of dashboarding, A/B testing, model training, and ad-hoc evaluation algorithms by data scientists. We are facing challenges every day to deal with data at such a massive scale. That is why we are looking for strong engineers who love solving challenging problems through conducting independent research and collaborating with teams across Apple. We're looking for senior software engineers who have extensive working experience in delivering big data platforms or large-scale data pipelines or streaming systems in the public cloud. You'll be working on a unique and challenging big data ecosystem with focuses on storage efficiency, scalable and performant queries, expandability and flexibility, and related problems, with the goal to help better measure the quality of map data.

Key Qualifications

  • 5+ years experience working in large-scale data processing pipelines in batching and/or streaming
  • manners; familiar with MapReduce, Spark, Flink, Storm
  • 3+ years of experience architecting large-scale distributed computing systems with AWS or GCP technologies
  • 2+ years experience working in big data storage platforms and query engines with knowledge in cutting-edge technologies like Hive, Iceberg, Delta Lake, Hudi
  • Solid in at least one JVM-based programming language; with an understanding of asynchronous I/O, concurrency; knowledge in the Java memory model will be a big plus
  • A problem solver with independently investigative skills and with strong collaboration mindsets
  • An advocate of software development best practices that focuses on engineering excellence and operational excellence
  • Customer focus with good listening skills; strong communication and presentation skills
  • Good time management skills and can incrementally deliver to tight schedules


You will work with engineers to build a big data platform that processes and manages Exabytes of data and enables efficient access to those data. By embracing various technologies around data storage, data processing, and query engines, we target to build the data platform to empower data-driven analysis and decision-making at Apple Maps and to improve the core product that touches millions of users worldwide each day. You will be responsible for the full software development lifecycle to deliver reliable systems that service a number of internal customers. The ideal candidate will be a highly motivated and proactive individual with good width and depth of related technical knowledge. You will face a lot of challenges and are expected to be goal-oriented and driven to deliver quality solutions in a demanding environment. You are expected to work with other senior engineers and to collaborate with them professionally. You should be able to express your opinion as well as listen to others. You should be able to deal with ambiguity and drive conversations toward clarity of scopes.

Education & Experience

- BS in Computer Science/Electrical Engineering or related degree

Additional Requirements

  • Nice To Have:
  • - Experience with Service Oriented Architecture and micro-services