Lead Power Integrity Engineer - iPhone

Austin, Texas, United States


Weekly Hours: 40
Role Number:200300451
The iPhone Hardware Engineering team is seeking a passionate Power Integrity Engineer. The ideal candidate will work with multi-functional teams to design, model, simulate and verify power distribution networks (PDN) for iPhones and iPads.

Key Qualifications

  • Strong EE fundamentals and problems solving skills
  • High level of knowledge in power integrity analysis (modeling, verification and correlation)
  • Has experience in layout planning and routing strategies.
  • Signal Integrity Experience
  • Familiar with DC-DC regulator topologies, design principles, modeling and simulations.
  • Ability to relate electrical performance to physical layout
  • Hands-on experience in EM and circuit simulation tools: Ansys HFSS/Maxwell/SIWave, CST, ADS/Spice/Spectre, Cadence/Sigrity, scripting languages (Python, Perl)
  • Hands-on experience in hardware board-level testing, validation, and with lab equipment (near field scanning, spectrum analyzers, VNAs, scopes)


Ability to design and analyze power delivery networks including modeling of dc-dc converters, and their potential for EMI - Work with Xfunct partners on Power Architecture, IP specs and performance, passives. - Perform design feasibility study, design testing and verification, and system bring up. - Provide design guideline and support to system architecture design, board layout, product bring up, debug, validation, and factory builds. - Develop and improve design methodologies to achieve minimal EMI

Education & Experience


Additional Requirements