WebKit Web APIs Engineer

Santa Clara Valley (Cupertino), California, United States
Software and Services


Weekly Hours: 40
Role Number:200302054
WebKit is the system framework for rendering web content on Apple platforms. When you load a webpage in Safari, that’s WebKit! WebKit is also an Open Source software project in which Apple engineers collaborate with engineers from around the world to improve WebKit, evolve web APIs, and ensure the best possible experience on the web. As a WebKit Web APIs Engineer, you will implement new web APIs, and maintain and evolve existing ones. Web APIs are typically implemented as a layer cake with a JavaScript API layer on top, a C++ logic layer in the middle, and calls out to lower level system frameworks on the bottom. Sometimes Web APIs are big features like videoconferencing, audio mixing, or speech recognition. Sometimes they’re smaller details like how to schedule a task for execution during idle time. Your job will be to read, evaluate, and understand web API specifications, implement web APIs, write web API tests, evaluate compatibility with other web browsers, and triage and resolve web API bugs.

Key Qualifications

  • Detailed understanding of data structures and algorithms Experience with pointers, memory management, and threads Excellent debugging, critical thinking, analytical, and communication skills.


The WebKit Architecture team is responsible for the design and implementation of WebKit’s sandboxed, multi-process architecture, which provides for security, crash isolation, and concurrency. - The team covers major WebKit features including inter-process communication, process isolation and sandboxing, storage, networking, Cocoa APIs, and web APIs like fetch(), Web Components, and WebRTC! - This role focuses on benchmark-driven optimization of web content memory use, including analysis of web pages, apps, and system frameworks. - The ideal candidate will invent new techniques for reducing memory use and avoiding jetsam, and diagnose and resolve memory use and jetsam regressions.

Education & Experience

BS in Computer Science or equivalent

Additional Requirements

  • Engineers often build successful careers on the WebKit team without prior experience working in web browsers. Some of these skills can give you an advantageous head start:
  • - Experience with C, C++, and Objective-C
  • - Experience with Web technologies (HTML, CSS, DOM, JavaScript, SVG)
  • - Experience with UIKit and AppKit
  • - Experience with systems programming and inter-process communication