Software Engineering Manager - JDK Team

United States
Software and Services


Weekly Hours: 40
Role Number:200378893
Locations: Cupertino, San Diego, Austin, NYC or Raleigh The Apple Cloud Infrastructure team is building cloud services on Java frameworks that rely on a secure, reliable, and optimized Java distribution for Apple, combined with tools, standard methodologies, and consulting services. We are searching for a leader with experience in both language runtimes and cloud services for our dedicated team of very hardworking engineers to deliver and expand on this critical mission across multiple platforms!

Key Qualifications

  • 5+ years of management experience
  • Breadth of technical experience across programming language implementation and cloud infrastructure and with experience in production environments
  • Experience building and managing a team that is responsible for both development, quality engineering, and releasing of software products with thousands of users
  • Experience in continuous development practices (CI/CD, rollback, canaries, feature flags, etc.)
  • Programming experience in compiled languages
  • Strong communications and collaboration skills required
  • Ability to communicate with all levels from engineering to leadership
  • Able to act like an IC when needed, act like a manager when needed


Lead and support a team accountable for Apple’s Java distribution. Gain in-depth understanding of the domain and come up with creative ideas in the domain. You will have the courage and experience to be frank and ambitious but humble enough to listen to others. We want your thoughts on how we can move faster, be more creative, and deliver tools and ideas to empower developers around the world. We expect you to challenge the status quo, to care about the details, the end user, and how it all comes together. We are looking for an enthusiastic, experienced manager to join and lead this collaborative and friendly team. This person will have a responsibility and influence over the direction and fundament of critical Apple internet services. You should be someone with ideas and passion for software delivered as a solid product to improve reuse, efficiency, and simplicity. Your work will affect millions of Apple users and is necessary to the success of some of the most visible current and future features! Responsibilities: - Consolidating team efforts and information; managing up and across the Apple management hierarchy - Lead a team of dedicated Java runtime and library developers and engineers. - Lead the vision and roadmap for an internal OpenJDK distribution. - Work with our cloud infrastructure and service teams to understand their requirements. - Work with field engineering and cloud service operators for audit, transformation, and uses of AppleJDK

Education & Experience

Required: Bachelors degree in Computer Science / Engineering with emphasis in programming language and runtime implementation (or equivalent experience). Preferred: personal experience in the OpenJDK community. Bonus: community contributions like source code, filed bugs, open source tools, blogs, etc.

Additional Requirements

  • Experience with performance optimizations a plus
  • Systems engineering experience or low-level software experience a plus
  • Development experience on Linux or macOS a plus
  • Development experience with C++ or Java a plus