Sense Evaluation Engineer - SPG

Santa Clara Valley (Cupertino), California, United States
Software and Services


Role Number:200408052
The Sense Metrics team builds dedicated testing frameworks to evaluate the team’s robotic perception system. The perception system operates in challenging real-world environments, and for rapid progress, needs extensive testing. The testing frameworks we build are used by development teams for critical decision making, and to communicate to leadership and external teams. By joining the Sense Metrics team, you will play a key role in architecting, implementing and scaling our testing framework capabilities. Your work will be used by partner teams for deep introspection and decision making, and regularly viewed by senior leadership. You will join a team of highly talented software engineers, and work with multiple cross-functional teams. The testing systems you build are a key measure of program capabilities, and your decisions will directly impact how and what we test.

Key Qualifications

  • Excellent coding skills in Python. Working knowledge of C++.
  • Experience developing in Linux and cloud environments.
  • Ability to debug complex software stacks.
  • Experience with robotic perception systems and 3D geometry.
  • Experience writing evaluation and testing systems.
  • Working knowledge of statistics.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • Works effectively as part of a team.


You will be developing our test suite system for Perception / Sense in SPG. You will be responsible for designing, implementing and maintaining tests capable of measuring all aspects of our output. Responsibilities include: • Writing clean, high quality software in Python and C++. • Designing and building test suite systems that scale in the cloud. • Designing new test suites based on the specifics of the scenario, and improving existing ones. • Developing and delivering interpretable results, both macro statistics and per test introspection and visualizations. These outputs will be viewed by partner teams and senior leadership. • Working with partner teams in ML, Deployment and customer teams, aligning on test criteria and delivery. • Work as part of a high performance team to deliver great results.

Education & Experience

• BA or MS in Computer Science, Engineering or related field.

Additional Requirements

Pay & Benefits