HID - Signal Processing and Machine Learning Algorithm Engineer

Santa Clara Valley (Cupertino), California, United States


Role Number:200461222
Join the engineering team crafting next-generation touch interfaces for iPad, Pencil, iPhone, Watch and more. We are an eclectic group with backgrounds in signal processing, machine learning, computer science, estimation algorithms, human factors, and more, dedicated to inventing new ways of interacting with Apple products and shipping amazing products every year. We are looking for a signal processing/ imaging engineer with a strong background in signal processing, machine learning or related fields. Your good communication skills, and ability to drive discussions with cross-functional teams would come in very handy. If you have gained any experience with user interface design or graphics programming skills it will further help broaden your role and efficiency in this position. To summarize, you will be working on innovative projects and will be responsible for productizing algorithmic solutions, and you will be part of the team shipping products to millions of users every year.

Key Qualifications

  • Algorithm design and development for classification, filtering, noise modeling, signal processing, or control
  • Strong theoretical knowledge of fundamental DSP concepts such as Adaptive filtering, linear algebra, and statistics
  • Proficiency in C/C++ coding and a mathematical modeling language (e.g. Matlab/python)
  • User interface design, graphics programming, or linguistic modeling (a plus )
  • User studies and data analysis (a plus)


This is a key position where we operate at a focal point for HW/SW/UI integration. That means the problems we tackle has many interesting facets. Here, your work and challenges will be dynamic, and you will get to know and collaborate with skilled, diverse people all across the company. - Starting from early in the product lifecycle, your core responsibilities will include: - Investigating new technologies, prototyping concepts, coding and bringing up demos, and evaluating user impact. - Engaging other teams, brainstorming, driving discussions and collaborating with them. - Innovating/crafting new algorithms. Implementing and integrating it in embedded or resource constrained system, and deliver new products. Doesn’t that sound exciting to you? Your additional responsibilities include data collection and get involved with human factors and QA team to polish your algorithms into a robust and reliable customer feature.

Education & Experience

MS in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or related field; PhD is preferred

Additional Requirements

Pay & Benefits