GNSS Wireless Systems Engineer

Irvine, California, United States


Role Number:200466831
Would you like to join Apple’s growing wireless silicon development team? Our wireless SOC organization is responsible for all aspects of wireless silicon development with a particular emphasis on highly energy-efficient design and new technologies that transform the user experience at the product level, all of which are driven by an elite vertically coordinated engineering team spanning RF/Analog architecture and design, Systems/PHY/MAC architecture and design, VLSI/RTL design and integration, Emulation, Design Verification, Test and Validation, and FW/SW engineering. As a Senior Wireless Systems Engineer, you will be a key member of our highly innovative Wireless SoC design team, defining modem architectures, driving physical-layer algorithm designs, and developing digital signal processing schemes for novel ultra-low-power wireless applications.

Key Qualifications

  • Great foundation in physical layer functionality for wireless systems in areas such as detection/acquisition, synchronization, parameter estimation & tracking, multipath detection, and mitigation, etc.
  • Familiarity with Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) sensors data processing and fusion with GNSS and other wireless signals.
  • Proficiency with modeling in MATLAB is required.
  • Experience with leading technical initiatives and key work.
  • Knowledge and experiences in IC implementation and optimization, and familiarity with HDL / RTL are desirable.
  • Experience with lab bring-up of SoC designs reaching volume production is desirable.
  • Experience in GNSS baseband signal processing is desirable.
  • BS and 3+ years of relevant industry experience.


Partner with other systems engineers, analog/RF IC designers, digital designers, and firmware engineers to derive, simulate, implement, verify and test physical layer features, to enable a variety of novel applications in the portable & wearable consumer electronics space. Work closely with analog/RF IC designers, characterizing, accounting, and calibrating for non-idealities of real-life GNSS/wireless devices. Work closely with digital designers, deriving the signal processing model, directing the IC design, simulation, verification, implementation, tape-out and post-silicon bring-up. Partition and define the interface between digital IC and firmware. Work closely with firmware engineers, deriving the signal processing model, developing baseband processing algorithms, chip bring-up / validation and system performance tuning.

Education & Experience

BS and 3+ years of relevant industry experience. MS with a focus on digital communication, signal processing and/or geomatics or Ph.D is preferred.

Additional Requirements

Pay & Benefits