Thin Film Modeling Technologist

Santa Clara Valley (Cupertino), California, United States


Weekly Hours: 40
Role Number:200468612
Come work for the Apple’s OLED Encapsulation team comprising of amazing engineers who make the best OLED displays in the world. We make the worlds most reliable thin film encapsulation for OLEDs with the world's best electrical, optical and mechanical characteristics while achieving the smallest display bezels with ideal front of screen performance. In this position, you will play a meaningful role in pushing the boundaries of OLED Industrial Design by using FEA and/or Molecular Dynamics models. The FEA and/or molecular dynamics models would define thin film process, thin film mechanical & moisture diffusion properties for future thin film technologies and its behavior when integrated with a display module. With this core tool as springboard, you will be crafting next generation OLED displays with outstanding product design and the best optical and mechanical characteristics. You will be working on these technologies with Apple’s OLED display vendors across the globe to bring them from prototyping to mass production.

Key Qualifications

  • Understanding in one of the following : gas/fluid dynamics, heat transfer, and plasma physics, and expertise in modeling and simulation of CVD/ALD processes and equipment
  • Modeling/Finite Element Analysis on one of the following : Thin Film FEA or Molecular Dynamics or Chemical Interface Modeling
  • Understanding of fundamental physics behind the targeting modeling methodology
  • Ability to characterize and calibrate against analytical characterization tools [TEM, EELS, XRD, AFM etc..]
  • Top notch critical thinking and analytical ability
  • Ability to have a technical debate and communicate


As a technologist you will be responsible for prototyping next generation of OLED displays. - Use modeling tools to establish a technology roadmap for panel process and design - Use modeling tools to drive ALD and PECVD manufactures for next generation of low temperature high quality high through put tool design - Collaborate with multi-functional teams to link display roadmap and equipment and process roadmap - Establish requirements in-terms thin film mechanical behavior, optical behavior and moisture ingress - Quantify physical, optical, mechanical and electrical properties of ALD and PECVD films, its interfaces through analytical technics - Collaborate with display manufactures to implement, validate and realize Apple’s Industrial Design targets

Education & Experience

- Ph.D. or Masters in Physics, Electrical engineering, Mechanical engineering, or Materials science

Additional Requirements

Pay & Benefits