Motion Sensing Design and Characterization Engineer

Santa Clara Valley (Cupertino), California, United States


Role Number:200471246
The Motion Sensing Hardware team integrates the best products in current sensing technologies into our consumer products. We oversee the entire development cycle of the technology with our partners, and together we overcome challenging integration issues in system. We invite motivated and curious designers to join our team and help us develop the modules and technologies that put our products in a class of their own. You will be responsible for driving failure analysis and sensor characterization experiments, building test hardware and software, and providing recommendations based on data analysis of experimental results. You will utilize your training in analytics, mathematics, and engineering to design, conduct, and review experiments. We encourage you to share the unique perspectives you bring that enrich our ability to deliver the world’s best in mobile computing and user experience. At the heart of this role is your ability to support and enable a growing number of engineers, while developing your own skills and experience. This role requires intimate familiarity with scripting for automation and software development for hardware testing, a strong analytical and mathematical background, excellent communication skills, and a results-driven mindset with attention to quality of execution of the experiments. You are expected to have an infrastructure-based mindset that strives to develop HW/SW solutions that address current and future anticipated issues. You are expected to be very comfortable working in a lab setting with mechanical, electrical, and environmental testing equipment.

Key Qualifications

  • Experience in generic troubleshooting techniques: problem isolation, parametric sweep analysis, regression testing, identification of faulty test setup, and other root cause analysis techniques.
  • Data analysis: Correlations and trend extraction of data. Multivariate distributions. Signal conditioning and frequency domain processing of raw sensor signals. Temporal and frequency filtering techniques. Estimation and optimization knowledge are encouraged.
  • Sensor signal processing: Extraction of calibration parameters. Noise characterization. Filtering techniques. Data labeling techniques.
  • Strong software development skills. Coding for embedded and high-level platforms. Scripting for automation. Familiarity with high-level communication protocols. Ability to configure and program web servers and write and interface to custom RESTful APIs.
  • The ability and willingness to produce work that is conforming to design standards defined by the team.
  • High interest in learning and development of skills mentioned above.
  • Team player, with demonstrable skills in time management, meeting deadlines, producing reliable test results, and working to continually improve testing methodologies.
  • Excellent written and verbal English communication skills.


You will build and maintain hardware for testing motion sensors under different stresses. You will write software to control and sequence test execution, data acquisition, analysis, and presentation of results. You will also write sensor drivers and build firmware that help our engineers gather sensor data in real-time. You will design and conduct various motion sensor characterization experiments, analyze and mine the resulting data, and present your findings to cross-functional teams, with the aim of driving root cause analysis of failures. You will be expected to build procedures and tools that unify and automate the way we gather and analyze our sensor data. You will also be expected to use the gathered test data to build working models for our sensors that will allow designers to investigate the impact of varying different performance parameters of our sensors. In the process, you will be expected to build intimate familiarity with our sensor signal chains through our software layers, and become proficient at building several proof-of-concept designs and participating in showcasing and evaluating our newest ideas. This role can require spending up to 20% of your time in travel

Education & Experience

Requires a Bachelor Degree in Electrical, Electronics, Mechanical or Mechatronics Engineering with 5+ years of hands-on experience.

Additional Requirements

Pay & Benefits