WebKit Performance Engineer

San Diego, California, United States
Software and Services


Role Number:200519889
The WebKit Performance team is looking for an engineer with a passion for software optimization to support one of the most heavily used applications in the world. WebKit is the system framework for rendering web content on Apple platforms. When you load a webpage in Safari, that’s WebKit! WebKit is also an Open Source software project in which Apple engineers collaborate with engineers from around the world to improve WebKit, evolve web APIs, and ensure the best possible experience on the web. WebKit is a foundational component of iOS, macOS, watchOS, tvOS, and visionOS, forming the basis of many key applications. Performance improvements in WebKit make all of our products better. The WebKit Performance team is responsible for defending and improving the launch speed, processing speed, memory size, and power consumption of the WebKit framework. You will help improve WebKit performance on all Apple platforms.

Key Qualifications

  • Experience with performance analysis and optimization
  • Detailed understanding of data structures and algorithms
  • Experience with pointers, memory management, threads, and processes
  • Excellent debugging, critical thinking, analytical, and communication skills


As a WebKit Performance Engineer, you will seek opportunities to improve WebKit performance in time, memory consumption, and power use. You will also be responsible for diagnosing performance issues, helping us identify and correct recent performance regressions, and helping to train and mentor others in performance improvement techniques. Specific job duties will include: Investigating cases of poor performance in WebKit-based applications Identifying performance bottlenecks and hot-spots in the WebKit engine Creating and defending performance benchmarks covering important web technologies Working across teams at Apple to drive improvements in core frameworks Interacting with developers on the Open Source WebKit project.

Education & Experience

BS in Computer Science or equivalent education or work experience

Additional Requirements

  • Engineers often build successful careers on the WebKit team without prior experience working in web browsers. Some of these skills can give you an effective head start:
  • - Experience with debugging and profiling tools
  • - Experience with C, C++, and Objective-C
  • - Experience with Web technologies (HTML, CSS, DOM, JavaScript, SVG)
  • - Experience with UIKit and AppKit
  • - Experience with systems programming and inter-process communication

Pay & Benefits