SE-Creative Pro

Mall of Scandinavia
Solna, Stockholm, Sweden
Apple Retail


Role Number:200535627
As a Creative Pro, you’ll promote and model the benefits of Apple’s ecosystem to customers, our internal team, and the community at large. You possess a deep understanding of the creative community, and you’ll speak from your own experiences and stories, so that others understand the full potential of our products and services. You foster a learning environment for our customers in the store by connecting their interests to the Apple ecosystem. Activities will be themed according to topic, such as music, photography, art, gaming, and more. By facilitating learning around these topics for internal and external customers, you help everyone understand the possibilities created by Apple technology.


You serve as the ambassador of Apple’s passions, products, and services to your peers by supporting learning opportunities and mentorship. You use storytelling to illustrate how a personal interest or hobby can by brought to life using Apple technology. You drive sales of accessories by recommending solutions that meet customer needs and help create owners. You maintain knowledge of new products, technologies, and trends to facilitate relevant workshops and activities. You identify what excites our customers and what they care about in the local community and connect them to relevant programming and activities in the store. You promote and plan workshops effectively to maximize attendance and engagement for ongoing services and products. You maintain connections and relationships with local industries that relate to Apple’s core passions. You mentor and train members of the Creative team to develop their knowledge and skills. You seek, analyze, interpret, and act on feedback from peers and the customer Net Promoter Score (NPS) to improve the Apple Store experience. You generate excitement, engagement, and enthusiasm among customers through activities, workshops, and events. You deliver engaging workshops with strong customer participation. You understand the challenges of being new to technology and show sensitivity to each customer's level of technical proficiency. You empower customers to learn, create, and share so they can fully explore how their personal interests can come to life using Apple technology. You create hands-on customer experiences that enable others to get the most out of the Apple ecosystem. You provide peer learning opportunities and mentorship. You demonstrate familiarity with internal and external resources available for customers who want to expand their technical knowledge. You perform additional support and service functions within the service and training environment.

Minimum Qualifications

Key Qualifications

Preferred Qualifications

  • Demonstrated ability to connect with customers through storytelling.
  • Extraordinary presentation and public speaking skills with demonstrated ability to adapt to a complex audience with many learning styles.
  • Deep and genuine connection to Apple’s passion for delivering the best customer experience possible.
  • You have exceptional interpersonal and teaching skills.
  • You have extensive experience using Apple products, accessories, and apps in a creative environment.
  • You are considered a mentor amongst peers.
  • You have relevant professional experience in a creative area of expertise (preferred).
  • You demonstrate an understanding of the creative process.
  • You understand the benefits of the Apple ecosystem and are able to influence others about it.
  • You have experience in music and sound editing, recording, digital photography, digital movie making, editing, and other fields where Apple products and applications are used.
  • You are able to manage multiple tasks at the same time.

Education & Experience

Additional Requirements