Mac CIA Product Design Engineer (Mechanical)

Shanghai, Shanghai, China


Weekly Hours: 40
Role Number:200477493
Come join the Core Integration Architecture team and help invent the future of computing. We’re a small team of experienced product design engineers working across many disciplines, looking far into the future to develop foundational core technologies, novel ways to integrate them, as well as new product architectures to surprise and delight our customers. The group is responsible for future Mac products (portables, desktops, and standalone displays) in addition to new product categories. We work closely with apple’s industrial design team to explore both the form and function of future products. Through relentless iteration on various concepts, we aim to create the best products we can possibly imagine. Along the way we collaborate with world-class specialists, from materials science & advanced manufacturing to thermal design & custom silicon engineering. As products come to form, we simulate, prototype, and test the reliability of our designs to make sure our systems continue to be the highest quality and longest-lasting on the market. Because we invent things that haven’t existed before, we place a premium on high creativity and the ability to generate imaginative design solutions — we create an inordinate amount of IP for a team our size. Future team members need to be comfortable in the ambiguity of the unknown. Some ideas will work out, and some won’t, so we need to hold on loosely to ideas as we see where they take us.

Key Qualifications

  • Proven track record finding creative solutions to complex problems
  • Extensive 5+ years working with Asia-based supply chain
  • Experience selecting appropriate engineering materials and manufacturing methods (CNC, forming, injection molding, rapid prototyping, etc.)
  • Able to characterize designs, run DOEs, and conduct root cause failure analysis
  • 3D CAD modeling – i.e., Unigraphics (Preferred), SolidWorks, ProE
  • Experience using tolerance analysis to assure design robustness
  • Excellent communication skills—your ideas are only as good as your ability to share them


In this particular role we are looking for a senior design engineer to join another team member in Asia. We hope to further increase the team’s agility, handing concepts back and forth in a 24-hour continuous design cycle. Your presence near Apple’s manufacturing facilities and module vendors will help expedite and improve our feedback loops, and will ultimately help us arrive at better designs faster. In this position, you will assist in the following activities: - prototyping new product ideas by 3D modeling, fabricating, and assembling mockups - designing fixtures/test vehicles and running tests to characterize various design options - retrofitting current products with new features/technologies - visiting Asia-based supply chain and final assembly sites to work through issues as they arise - survey region for exciting new technologies and bring them to the team for review periodically

Education & Experience

BS Mechanical Engineering or equivalent required; MS preferred.

Additional Requirements