Secure Systems Architect, Platform Architecture

Beaverton, Oregon, United States


Role Number:200424473
Are you a big-picture visionary who understands how each element affects all the others? At Apple, our Platform Architecture group is responsible for connecting our hardware, software, and servers into one unified system. You’ll join a team of architects who are dedicated to securing the world’s most advanced consumer devices. Our products are trusted for storing personal data, and our goal is to better safeguard our users. We're looking for talented and inspired individuals to help raise the bar on the security of Apple's products. In this role, you will develop threat models that define platform level security requirements for new products and drive adoption of platform level security architectures incorporating hardware, software, and server elements, ensuring that we continuously enhance the security of Apple products. Together, our work will be the reason millions of customers feel they can trust their devices every single day. Ideally, you will have 5-10+ years experience and possess:

Key Qualifications

  • Ability to effectively lead cross-functional initiatives
  • Initiative to provide architectural guidance to teams lacking resident security expertise
  • Breadth to work cross-functionally with Privacy, Safety, Service, Manufacturing, Software, and Product teams to resolve system-level security issues
  • Strong written and oral communications skills across multiple levels, including senior leadership
  • Ability to critically analyze security properties of a system via a threat model
  • Knowledge of basic cryptographic principles (e.g., symmetric vs asymmetric crypto, encryption vs authentication)
  • Familiarity with common programming languages and hardware block diagrams a plus


As a member of Platform Architecture, you will: Lead cross-functional teams throughout the product development cycle to resolve system-level issues without sacrificing product security or impacting world class product design. Develop threat models and associated security architectures for exciting new Apple products and technologies, derive system security requirements, and design balanced and novel mitigations in creative collaboration with iconic product and engineering teams. Develop detailed system-level specifications to guide product development, integration, and quality assurance teams in the creation of golden unit tests, reference data, and sample libraries to aid integration of our security technologies across team boundaries (e.g. client/server). Collaborate with other security architects and researchers across Apple including software, hardware, silicon, server, and product groups on this high-visibility team. Drive security requirements and architecture into external vendor provided silicon. Use a wide range of interpersonal and technical skills to champion adoption of our industry leading security technologies across multiple product categories. Identify emerging threats, new attacks, and mitigation techniques as the external landscape evolves.

Education & Experience

MSEE/CE or equivalent relevant work experience required

Additional Requirements