Apple Security - Fault Injection Engineer

Paris, Paris Region, France
Software and Services


Posted: 2 Jul 2018
Weekly Hours: 35
Role Number: 113685560
"One more thing...." Years before that amazing moment when an icon is born, you could be part of the team helping evaluate and build a robust product ready for the world. Apple Security uses groundbreaking techniques to improve the hardware security for hundreds of millions of devices, from the iPhone to the latest Apple TV products. We value the privacy of users, the integrity of creative content on complex devices and go further to protect them. Now imagine what you could do here? With your passion and dedication to security there's no telling what you could accomplish.

Key Qualifications

  • Hardware security analysis
  • Perturbation attacks (Laser, EM, BBI...)
  • Programming skills (C, Assembly & Python)
  • Excellent debugging and problem solving skills
  • Experience developing system software such as drivers or frameworks
  • Cryptography knowledge


Working as part of an extraordinary team of security experts, you have the freedom to bring new ideas and design innovative solutions. You will spend your time using state of the art equipment and techniques to interrogate a variety of complex, high frequency SoC products and identify potential security improvements in software and hardware. You will also build evaluations on software as well as hardware, from the basic cryptographic blocks to the high level applications. Our work relies on your ability to quickly familiarize yourself with code and system architecture design you’ve never seen before, then being able to identify high risk areas for further security analysis. Your knowledge of the latest hardware fault injection techniques and real-world experience with hardware security testing will be critical for success in this role. By understanding the functionality and the technical implementation of new products, you will accurately probe features and inject faults on test benches. Your discoveries will ensure our product security against future sophisticated techniques. Based in Paris, we are passionate about security, and work closely with cryptographers and developers across Apple, worldwide. To work together, we all speak English and you'll need to be fluent too, but speaking French is not required for this role. If this is you, we'd love to hear from you.

Education & Experience

BS/MS in Computer Science / Computer Electronics (or equivalent)

Additional Requirements