Apple Media Products - Cryptography Intern

Paris, Paris Region, France
Software and Services


Weekly Hours: 35
Role Number:200097004
"One more thing…." Years before that amazing moment when an icon is born, you could be part of the team helping evaluate and build a robust product ready for the world. Apple uses groundbreaking techniques to improve the security for hundreds of millions of devices and services, from the iPhone to Apple TV+. We value the privacy of users, the integrity of creative content and go further to protect them. Now imagine what you could do here. With your passion and dedication to security there's no telling what you could accomplish.

Key Qualifications

  • Good knowledges about asymmetrical cryptography such as RSA, ECDH, ECDSA and their optimized and secured implementations
  • Languages: C/C++, Python or Bash to script.


We are looking for an intern that will participate in developments of assessment tools around asymmetric cryptographic primitive implementations used in DRM technologies. The goal of the internship would be to understand what are the classic issues in implementations, mostly based on side channel analysis, to adapt it to our context where we get more information than just the power consumptions or the electromagnetic field emissions. In particular, the intern will have to propose new ideas to get as much as possible information from the context they will be provided with. The intern will have to implement all the assessment tests as proof of concept to verify the performances of the tests. Internship will be help in Paris office and will last a maximum of 6 months

Education & Experience

Undergraduate Degree, Masters or PhD in Computer Science, Information Security or equivalent (e.g. Electronics, Physics or Mathematics) or work experience.

Additional Requirements