iCloud Drive - Quality Engineering Manager

Paris, Paris Region, France
Software and Services


Weekly Hours: 35
Role Number:200121988
The iCloud Drive team works at the intersection of software and services! We design and implement the software syncing documents for hundreds of millions of users every day, and providing these documents through applications and system services on iOS and macOS. That code is integrated deep into the OS, in a stack that ranges from the kernel to the servers, from the file system to the UI. You will help drive features and quality in a fast pace, high impact environment! The position entails responsibility for the quality of the user experience, the reliability, performance and stability of the system, the integrity of our users’ data, and the protection of their privacy. The challenge in this position is to deliver features while not compromising on any of these requirements.

Key Qualifications

  • Experience building or qualifying low level, data intensive, complex systems such as file systems, distributed storage or replicated databases.
  • History of attracting, hiring, motivating and developing the best quality minded individuals.
  • Capacity to plan, prioritise, drive a team to execute, and report on progress.
  • Appetite to challenge and revisit QA plans and engineering roadmaps continuously to deliver features aggressively and at the highest level of quality.
  • Ability to deep dive into technical areas when needed but also discuss these topics to a non-technical audience.
  • Experience presenting key points to execs and tying them back to the customer experience.
  • Courage to make a recommendation to decision makers based on partial or ambiguous data, while making plans to improve the data going forward.
  • History of shipping software on tight schedules.


Test automation for iCloud Drive is absolutely mission critical and informs tactical decisions every day; this position mixes quality (user experience, automation coverage, feature ship readiness) engineering (test development, debugging) and DevOps (continuous integration, infrastructure work), and has an immediate impact on the quality of a service that is essential to the work and personal life of hundreds of millions of users. The QA automation engineer manager will build and drive a quality engineering team focussing on data integrity, reliability, performance and robustness. This team will work hand in hand with the engineering team and have input into the roadmap, priorities, and technical decisions. The QA engineering manager will partner with the engineering manager to come up data-driven plans where each deliverable has clear and measurable acceptance criteria, in term of coverage, performance target, SLAs and other metrics. He or she will come up with specific plans and schedules to assess these meaningful metrics, using both his or her team and sister engineering teams to distribute the responsibility of quality where it makes most sense.

Education & Experience

• MS CS/CE or equivalent experience.

Additional Requirements

  • • Experience with crafting tests for complex systems and quickly evolving tests environments.
  • • Experience with performance analysis, stress tests, and scalability assessments.
  • • Experience with telemetry, critical metrics, and metrics-driven decisions.
  • • Experience evolving a complex system over time, migrating users, accounting for backward compatibility and binary compatibility issues.
  • • Programming skills: extensive experience in Python or equivalent, as well as a C-based language; bonus points for Swift.