Swift/Objective-C SWE for iOS Prototyping and Tools

Boulder, Colorado, United States
Software and Services


Role Number:200380062
The Video Computer Vision organization – responsible for many of the core algorithms in ARKit – is working on the future of computer-vision-enabled Apple products. We are looking for a software engineer to join us and work on projects that impact hundreds of millions of users. Within our organization, dozens of teams are developing algorithms that tackle fundamental computer vision topics. Each team has their unique specialization, but we need common infrastructure and architectures in order to develop, debug, integrate, validate and deliver. This position is highly multi-functional and cross-domain, with a flexible solution space and opportunities for creative problem solving. This role is located right next to the mountains at a new facility in Boulder, Colorado.

Key Qualifications

  • Experience with navigating complex software stacks and integrations
  • Passionate – and holds strong opinions – on what it means to write great software
  • Experience or basic familiarity with Objective-C / Swift / C++ / Python
  • Familiarity with computer vision, image processing, or machine learning systems is desirable, but not required


We work on infrastructure, tools, and apps in the area of computer vision that require robust, efficient, well-tested, and clean solutions. You will develop software that has a broad impact for many algorithm and app teams in the augmented reality space. This is a wide-ranging role which can include: architecture design and integration of various algorithms; implementing features in existing software stacks to support validation and debugging; designing and accomplishing large-scale algorithm replay and offline execution; communicating with and supporting multi-functional partners; participating in code reviews; and being a constant advocate in the team for high quality results.

Education & Experience

A bachelor's degree or higher in Computer Science or equivalent experience.

Additional Requirements

Pay & Benefits