Analog Mixed-Signal Design Architect

Santa Clara Valley (Cupertino), California, United States


Role Number:200412883
Apple Mixed Signal Design team is seeking a very creative software architect to help change the way we design our Analog Mixed-Signal IPs. These IPs will power our next-generation mobile silicon, including future versions of our iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch devices. Examples of our AMS IPs include SERDES for data communication, PLLs for clock generation, and sensors for measuring all sorts of physical quantities. If you've written software in modern, designer-centric languages then you know how powerful and freeing it can be. And if you've designed circuits using traditional CAD tools, you know how hard it quickly becomes. Think of the IC-design tool-stack by analogy: RTL is C code, Schematics and gates are assembly and Layout is machine language. Most IC design happens at one of those three layers. Most modern software design, however, happens at a higher, more abstracted (and therefore more productive) level. The right design language will enable designers to express their ideas in a highly abstracted, easy to grasp level, while providing all the hooks to translate that design into lower level languages that enable all of the standard design and analysis tools. But, more importantly, it will provide the hooks to create new types of architectural, algorithmic, and circuit analysis tools.

Key Qualifications

  • Proficiency in the planning and design of large software projects
  • Object-oriented software design
  • Proficiency writing software in Python
  • Deep understanding of algorithms for continuous time and event driven simulations
  • Deep understanding of optimization algorithms
  • Proficiency in DSP concepts and applications
  • Experience writing software in C/C++
  • Understand specs/requirements for AMS circuits
  • Familiarity with popular digital design HDLs (Verilog and/or VHDL)
  • Familiarity with simulation tools for analog, digital, and/ or mixed-signal circuits
  • Familiarity with Machine Learning concepts


You will get in work in the definition and architecture of a modeling and analysis framework for analog mixed-signal circuits. You will help to design digital, analog, and mixed-signal simulation software. You would also get to design algorithms for design and analysis of mixed-signal circuits. Ability or experience in develop custom hardware description libraries, frameworks, and/or languages in huge plus.

Education & Experience

BS degree in technical discipline with minimum 10 years of relevant experience.

Additional Requirements

Pay & Benefits