Cellular RF Transmitter Systems Engineer

Boston, Massachusetts, United States


Role Number:200296324
At Apple, we work every single day to craft products that enrich people’s lives. The people here at Apple don’t just build products, they create the kind of wonder that revolutionizes entire industries. We invite you to join our dynamic group, for the unique and great opportunity to give to upcoming products that will delight and inspire millions of Apple’s customers every day. Are you ready to make the step from an expert with proven domain expertise in cellular systems engineering to a recognized technical leader in the cellular industry? If yes, then don’t miss the outstanding opportunity! Apple's RF transmitter systems engineering team is looking for a hard-working, highly dedicated individual with a solid track record in the field of cellular RF transmitter system engineering. Our elite team shapes the mobile market with innovative RF innovations while being fully accountable for execution and commitments on timeline and quality. Join our team of leading experts in cellular RF industry and deliver differentiating transmit architectures and solutions for Apple’s wireless products that create amazing benefits for our customers!

Key Qualifications

  • We would like you to have 7+ years of proven experience in RF, including cellular transmit architectures.
  • This role will need proven expertise and experience in at least one of the following fields: Transmitter concepts and procedures for cellular systems like TX gain- and power control, digital predistortion, Crest-factor reduction, TX impairment corrections (e.g., IQ imbalance) and PA supply voltage modulation.
  • This role will need experience in analyzing transmit chains from RF-baseband interface to antenna and in translating top level requirements into specification items for transceiver building blocks and RF components (e.g., PA, filter, switches).
  • Requires deep knowledge of TX performance metrics like ACLR, EVM and spectrum masks is a must.
  • Solid knowledge of Cellular Radio/3GPP Standards (GSM, UMTS, LTE, LTE-A, 5G NR) which includes RF aspects as well as system use cases and TX waveforms.
  • Expertise and first-hand experience in 5G NR FR2 are a plus.
  • Background in digital signal processing is a plus.
  • Strong analytical thinking and the ability to collaborate and communicate in multi-cultural global teams.


This role will be part of an industrial-leading RF Transmitter System Engineering team. They will work closely with other architecture- and system engineering teams, RF design teams, FW/SW teams and suppliers to assess, define and drive TX architectures and TX concepts with focus on leading-edge performance and uncompromised quality as baseline for differentiating products. - Direct responsibility for a relevant TX feature from definition to product deployment: Drive concept work, HW/SW specifications, simulation and reference model creation, cross-functional collaboration while meeting timeline and quality requirements. - Translate system level- and performance requirements into requirements for TX line-up and TX features. - Run simulations to verify concepts and TX features on block- and system level applying leading-edge methodologies spanning from component modeling to advanced performance analysis. - Identify and analyze critical requirements and provide deep dive assessments with respect to critical metric impact, timeline, and risks. - Solve complex and interdisciplinary problems that are related to the transmit system and TX features. - Work with vendors, technology suppliers and multi-functional teams to optimize cellular system performance. - Provide specifications as input for the HW and SW development.

Education & Experience

BSEE or MSEE is required. We would prefer a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering or equivalent

Additional Requirements