Full Stack Developer-3D Vision (Role open in Sweden and Cupertino, CA)

Stockholm, Stockholm, Sweden
Software and Services


Role Number:200308379
The 3D Vision team at Apple is looking for hard-working engineers who are passionate about creating extraordinary 3D content for millions of customers around the world! With us, you will be working on innovative technology for processing and making sense of vast volumes of sensor data.

Key Qualifications

  • Validated experience crafting and maintaining software at large scale.
  • Expertise with at least one major language suited to web programming (such as Python, Go, and/or JavaScript).
  • Familiarity with at least one web application framework (such as Django, Flask, etc.).
  • Experience in modern web development using JavaScript, HTML5, and libraries such as React or visualization such as D3 or THREE.js.
  • Confirmed understanding of data modeling and storage with NoSQL and relational DBs such as MongoDB, Postgres.
  • Fluent in OS X and *NIX command line environment.
  • Experience with Massive Data processing.
  • Experience with Spatial Data.
  • Deep understanding of performance testing, improvement techniques and caching solutions.


We are looking for a full stack developer with emphasis on backend to work on the Apple Maps Satellite/Flyover data processing pipeline. You will be a versatile and dedicated programmer who has experience developing extraordinary software and system architecture. Your role includes a broad set of tasks within data processing, spatial processing and web tools. You are an excellent communicator and have the ability to swiftly turn specification into finished software.

Education & Experience

Bachelor or Master of Science degree in Computer Science or similar, alternatively a comparable long and productive coding career.

Additional Requirements

  • Meriting experience includes:
  • - 3D geometry computer graphics
  • - Geometry processing
  • - Image processing
  • - Applied math
  • - Data structures & algorithms