FPGA Engineer



Role Number:200000235
Apple Israel is seeking a skilled FPGA Engineer with strong capabilities in system- and hardware-level design. The engineer will play an integral role for Apple, requiring an experienced, self-driven engineer with great initiative. The individual will be responsible for selection, development, and integration of FPGA’s that implement functionality on prototypes: spanning from low-level hardware control & status for embedded systems, to high speed links, to high level IP blocks, to custom hardware-accelerated algorithms & filters. This role offers an incredible opportunity to work with and learn from world-class experts in multiple disciplines, while working on exciting design applications. The position is relevant for all Apple sites in Israel.


Experience and strong foundations in digital design and communications. 3 or more years of experience developing embedded systems with: Micro-controllers, microprocessors (ARM), computers. Processor peripheral interfaces (USB, I2C, SPI, storage, high speed serial I/F’s). Experience with industry-standard protocols (PCI Express, USB, Ethernet, etc). Experience with board bring-up and debug of digital hardware.

Minimum Qualifications

Key Qualifications

  • Proficient in Verilog RTL language.
  • Experienced with large FPGA development on Altera or Xilinx devices.
  • Very familiar with Altera's or Xilinx's build flow including design entry in Verilog, synthesis, place and route, timing constraints and timing closure.
  • Hands on with lab FPGA debug methodologies, such as ChipScope, SignalTap or others.
  • Hands on experience with lab debug equipment, such as oscilloscopes and logic analysers.
  • Experience with verification methodologies, RTL and gate level simulations and debug.
  • Experience debugging silicon and PCB issues.
  • Excellent communication skills and demonstrate the desire to take on diverse challenges.

Preferred Qualifications

Education & Experience

BSc/ MSc in Electrical Engineering/ Computer Engineering

Additional Requirements

  • Experience with HAPS platform and tools flow (Synplify/Certify)
  • ASIC Design/Verification experience
  • Able to write scripts in python, perl or other scripting languages
  • Software skills in C/C++