Machine Learning Research Engineer - 3D Vision (available in Stockholm or Gothenburg, Sweden

Stockholm, Stockholm, Sweden
Machine Learning and AI


Role Number:200308407
The 3D Vision team at Apple Maps is looking for extraordinary talent to join our team of computer vision and machine learning experts. With us, you will be working on cutting-edge technology as well as researching and developing new machine learning algorithms for processing and making sense of vast volumes of sensor data! As part of this team you would be working on extremely large data sets of different modalities, collected by various moving platforms - aerial/satellite/ground. You need to have a strong interest in solving real world problems where developing and implementing algorithms are important parts. You would join a team of fast paced and pragmatic problem solvers that are solving some of the toughest problems in the industry!

Key Qualifications

  • Proven fundamentals in Modern Machine Learning.
  • Solid experience with deep learning frameworks and infrastructure.
  • Experience with C/C++ is a plus.
  • Experience with 3D Computer Vision is a plus.
  • Ability to communicate the results of analyses in a clear and effective manner.


The ideal candidate should be an excellent programmer and also excel in one or more of the following areas: General Deep Learning, Visual Object Detection and Recognition, Semantic Segmentation, Optical character recognition in unconstrained environments. Meriting experience include: 3D computer vision, computational geometry, computer graphics, image processing, applied mathematics.

Education & Experience

PhD or Master of Science degree in Computer Science or similar, alternatively a comparable industry career with a consistent track record of successful projects.

Additional Requirements