Senior Cellular PHY System Engineer

Haifa, Israel


Weekly Hours: 42
Role Number:200334576
The Wireless Communication group at Apple is a rapidly growing, high energy, results-oriented team. The team is responsible for the system design integration of a Wireless IC solution. We are looking for a forward-thinking, motivated and hardworking System Engineer to be a part of Apple’s new product introduction process from prototype to mass production. If you are passionate about Wireless technologies, want to make an impact and have the desire to work on groundbreaking Wireless technologies, then we are looking for you!

Key Qualifications

  • 8+ years of hands-on experience in wireless communication systems.
  • Hands-on experience in lab testing, characterization, and field certifications.
  • In-depth knowledge of cellular communication standards: 5GNR, 4G LTE, and the corresponding L1/MAC/RRC procedures such as PLMN/Cell search, hand over, re-selection, measurements, random access procedures, registration, etc.
  • Deep-knowledge of communication system theory and signal processing to be able to design algorithms such as timing recovery, filter design, signal estimation and detection, automatic gain control, RF impairments estimation and correction, channel estimation, equalization, forward-error correction, OFDM, MIMO detection, etc.
  • Full-stack system-level understanding and ability to comprehend and affect an improvement to multi-disciplinary processes of RF/PHY/L1/L2 and L3.
  • Experience with Matlab, C/C++, and/or Python for algorithm modeling (floating-point and fixed-point), link-level simulation, and lab testing environments
  • Good understanding and debug capabilities of a mixed HW/FW multi-processor PHY/L1 implementation
  • Experience in chip bring-up and lab equipment such as protocol tester, spectrum analyzers, signal generators,
  • power meters, etc.
  • Strong analytical skills (linear algebra, random processes, detection, and estimation, etc.)
  • mmW experience - an advantage


As part of the Wireless team, you will be working on pre and post-silicon system development activities to achieve full operation and optimization of PHY/L1 modules such as AGC, DPD, advanced time-domain processing, channel estimation, demodulation, and decoding, in a highly complicated wireless communication device. We are looking for a highly reciprocal individual, who can excel in performing the integration of these modules in thesystem with comprehensive full-stack understanding and with the ability to analyze issues in lab and field which are related to L1, MAC, and RRC procedures with tight multi-functional work with RF, HW, FW, and SW teams.

Education & Experience

- PhD / MS / BS Degree in Computer / Electrical Engineering.

Additional Requirements