iCloud Site Reliability Engineer, Shanghai

Shanghai, Shanghai, China
Software and Services


Role Number:200076966
The iCloud SRE team is looking for Site Reliability Engineers to build and run the services that hundreds of millions of customers use every day. We are hiring high quality engineers with a diverse set of experiences and skill sets for positions on Apple’s primary cloud offering: iClouds. The best candidates will have both demonstrated Software Development skills and strong Linux / Systems expertise. Our customers count on us to provide extraordinary availability, scalability and security for services. As an SRE in iCloud, you'll be a on a team of DevOps warriors whose mission it is to build and improve Apple's most critical internet services. We're looking for a talented and passionate person to join this amazing team, if you feel this is you, we'd love to hear from you.

Key Qualifications

  • Strong sense of ownership, customer service, and integrity demonstrated through clear communication.
  • Proven ability to write programs using a high-level programming language like: Java, Ruby, Python, Perl or C.
  • Proclivity towards efficient programming emphasizing improvement via complexity analysis.
  • Experience handling large numbers of diverse systems with configuration management systems like: Puppet, Chef, Ansible, or Salt.
  • Deep understanding of the Linux Operating System, including Kernel, Memory, Process, Threads, Static / Shared Libraries, IPC, Signals.
  • Understanding of standard networking protocols and components such as: HTTP, DNS, ECMP, TCP/IP, ICMP, the OSI Model, Subnetting and Load Balancing strategies.
  • Familiarity with distributed systems is a plus including: the CAP Theorem, Microservices, and the Twelve Factor App.
  • Working knowledge and understanding of Blob/object storage.
  • Experience with Kubernetes, Envoy, Prometheus, and/or Docker.
  • Passion for eliminating repetitive manual processes using automation.


The services iCloud runs are massive. Operating at our scale, across multiple geographically dispersed data centers and servicing hundreds of millions of users presents unique challenges. As an SRE @ Apple, you'll need to solve these problems using data, teamwork, and your own expertise. SREs @ Apple own the full infrastructure stack; from device driver performance debugging to content delivery network traffic management, our responsibilities are both broad and deep. iCloud runs the large portion of its systems on Linux. We run a mix of open source and internally developed tools for system & configuration management, provisioning, software deployment, and monitoring. You'll learn these tools and have opportunities to improve them. Our team embodies a "Startup" mentality; fostering a strong entrepreneurial spirit. If you have a better solution to a problem; document a strategy for improvement, advocate for your strategy through persuasion and socialization efforts, then carry it through to completion. Good ideas are heard and results are rewarded. - Deploy, support and monitor new and existing services, platforms, and application stacks. - Use scale testing to measure, tune and optimization system performance. - Architect, author and deliver software to improve the availability, scalability and security of Apple's internet services. - Build and manage systems, infrastructure and applications through automation. - Participate in periodic on-call duties.

Education & Experience

Additional Requirements