Manufacturing Design Engineer(Intern)-iPad Enclosure

Suzhou, Jiangsu, China


Weekly Hours: 40
Role Number: 200107529
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Key Qualifications

  • Mechanical/Computer science major with interest in manufacturing.
  • Knowledge of metal cutting process and numerical control or willing to learn. Experience of creating g-codes and machining actual parts on machining centers preferred. Knowledge of machine kinematics even better.
  • (Must have) Knowledge of programming with at least one programming language - Matlab, C++, Swift++). Previous project experience is preferred.
  • Full dedication over a period of at least 3 months, prefer 6 months. Willing to travel. Willing to work in harsh environments and get one’s hand dirty (CNC shop floors).
  • Able to work remotely and on one’s own without supervision. Able to give effective update of status. Able to deliver on time.
  • Good listener, quick learner, self-motivated. Enjoy engineering work and can have fun.


Job description In this 6 month intern project, you will gain knowledge on iPad Enclosure manufacturing process, with special focus on machining/CNC (Computer Numerical Control). You will help develop a CNC tool-path optimization software targeted at cycle time reduction. Project Description Between Apple OEM vendors, different CNC programs are used to machine the same part with different cycle time. Those NC programs are huge and difficult to optimize. You will help to develop a set of software to analyze CNC g-codes - to extract information, create summary, benchmark performance and achieve optimization (cycle time, cutting performance, etc). Manufacturing Design Engineer (MDE) MDE are owners for manufacturing processes behind the amazing products. We are the bridge between design and manufacturing. For this particular intern position, you are expected to: Help to set-up CNC machining best practices at Apple OEM venders for iPad Enclosure machining Deep diving to analyze vendor’s CNC tool-paths for performance benchmarking. Design and develop system to compare CNC tool-paths from different vendors, identify & implement improvements.

Education & Experience

Additional Requirements