Social Content Producer, Marcom Greater China

上海, 上海, 中国内地


每周工作时间: 40
职位编号: 200381672
Apple is a detail-obsessed company that always puts customer experience first. It shows in the products we make, and also in the communications we create to help people understand and get the most out of those products. Like the team who designs the products, we share the goal of making everything we touch feel beautiful and elegantly simple. Apple’s Marcom group is a team of creatives, producers, and planners that help develop and execute Apple’s marketing strategy. Marcom manages the package design, retail and channel environments, motion graphics, films, events materials, direct marketing, as well as As a Social Content Producer for Greater China Marcom, you’ll be primarily responsible for social media content strategy management and editorial planning for Apple. You’ll do this in collaboration with Strategist, Brand Manager, Creatives, and members from other Apple functional teams. You’ll ensure the brand’s standards are upheld and that Apple’s social media content strategy is aligned with Apple’s product and brand strategy.


  • Bilingual in Chinese and English
  • 5 years+ of relevant experience from reputed digital agencies and/or brands
  • 3+ years of experience in digital and social editorial planning and management.
  • Mastery in and passion for all social media platforms.
  • Deep knowledge of social media marketing tactics and trends in China.
  • Ability to interpret data using established analytic/reporting tools, and demonstrate how social campaigns deliver impact to broader business and marketing objectives.
  • Experience with consumer and market research.
  • Proven track record of working collaboratively with cross-functional teams.
  • High level of professional judgement and autonomy.
  • Self managed and independent.
  • Must be attentive to details.


Have a deep knowledge of Apple, its products, its business prioritization to help shape Apple’s social media content strategy that is aligned with Apple’s overall product and brand strategy. At the same time, you’ll have a profound understanding of Chinese cultural contexts and China’s social media trends to match Apple’s social media content strategy effectively to the local market and platforms.
 Tackle unique business challenges and opportunities working along with Brand, Planners, Product Marketing and Creatives. You’ll work on effective content and platform research, come up with strategic content direction, and develop clear creative brief to guide the content development process.


Bachelor or above degrees in planning, communication, advertising, etc.