Optical Metrology System Architect

Longtan, Taiwan, Taiwan


Role Number:200381744
provides opportunities for individuals to contribute across a wide spectrum of fields. Outstanding engineering excellence and thoroughness are expected and encouraged. Innovation, IP and patent creation are highly supported and valued. Opening up the boundaries to design and ship innovative products with outstanding technologies and user experiences are the main goals of our team. Join us in crafting solutions the world doesn't know of yet. To be successful, you should be able to thrive in a dynamic, agile, multi-disciplinary, and hands-on environment that values engineering excellence, creativity, and innovation.

Key Qualifications

  • Require in-depth experience & knowledge in imaging optics metrology and instrumentation, e.g. MTF, distortion, interferometry, imaging colorimeter, etc.
  • Proficiency in one or more optical modeling tools for imaging optics, e.g. Zemax, LightTools, etc.
  • Experience and knowledge in diffraction grating is a plus.
  • Strong analytical model building and problem solving capability
  • Strong quantitative data analysis abilities, using JMP, Matlab, or equivalent tools.
  • Strong ability to communicate clearly and efficiently across technical disciplines with a broad slate of stakeholders, including management, peers, and suppliers.
  • Broad experiences and knowledge in the following fields is a plus, e.g. metrology absolute accuracy traceability and its error stack-up, optical components (diffraction grating, polarizer, modulators, DMD, wave-guide, gratings, lens assembly, …), conoscope,,,,), light sources (LEDs, OLEDs, VCSELs, tunable lasers), camera calibrations (intrinsic and extrinsic), HW control programming (e.g. Python, C/C++, Matlab), detectors (CMOS image sensors, APD, PMT,…), and instruments (spectrometers, colorimeters, microscope).


You will be responsible for crafting and developing industry leading optical calibration and metrology instrument for calibrating, characterizing, and testing optical modules and components, during NPI (new product introduction) stage, with the supports from SW/HW multi-functional teams. Specify and design optical metrology system and key components, e.g. lens, optical relays, image sensing module, photodetectors, light sources,… Derive optical metrology instruments’ quantified requirements, through analytics, numerical modeling, and bench-top testing. Lead instrument vendors for customization when needed. Validate and qualify the instrument performance to meet mass production requirements. Define calibration & measurement Engineering Requirement Specification (ERS) for optical instruments and automated systems. Conduct HW/SW validation and FA for optical metrology systems. Analyze large amounts of lab data and NPI data for validation, FA, and improvement purposes. Provide crisp and rigorous presentation and report, on subjects listed above. And connect with a range of multi-functional teams. Require domestic and international travel for work (up to 20%)

Education & Experience

Graduate degree in Optics, Physics, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Material Science, Manufacturing, or equivalent work experience

Additional Requirements